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List of Registered Clubs

The following student organizations have registered with El Camino College. Learn more about each club and meet club representatives at Club Rush, held the third week of fall and spring semesters from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Interested students can email clubs directly to get information about club meetings, club events, and how to become a member.

Additionally, you can see the current status of the clubs by looking on Club Status Check. This list will include the email address of the club president. The club presidents will be able to forward you information about the club purpose, meetings, and events.

Don't see a club listed here? Please contact the Student Development Office to inquire about other clubs that may fit your interests.


Alpha Gamma Sigma (AGS)

Alpha Gamma Sigma was established in 1926 as the honor society of the California Community Colleges system. At Alpha Gamma Sigma, our purpose is to foster, promote, maintain, and recognize scholarship. Our Alpha Gamma Sigma chapter, Alpha Phi, has been established at El Camino for over 70 years. The goals of the Alpha Phi chapter are to encourage members to pursue their academics while also being involved on campus and in the community. As a chapter, we want to provide an environment for members to be surrounded by like-minded individuals where they can develop their leadership skills that will benefit them later on in their academic and career goals. We hope that you will join our Alpha Phi chapter and become an active member of our club, campus, and surrounding community.

Email: ags.cabinet.ecc@gmail.com 

Anthropology Club

The ECC Anthropology Club hopes to encourage and promote social awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the many cultures that surround the community and encompass the world by providing opportunities for professional exploration and venues for students to network and learn more about the four disciplines that comprise the field of Anthropology. This includes Biological Anthropology, Cultural Anthropology, Linguistic Anthropology, as well as Archaeology. 

Child Development Club

The purpose of the organization is to bring together students and community members with an interest in fostering the growth and development of children in their communities.  The Child Development Club will organize opportunities for club members to gain experience in the field of child development/early childhood education, including, but not limited to, personal growth, volunteering, community support, and activities for children.  We strive to show the community that it truly does take a village to raise a child.

Concert Choir Club

The El Camino College’s Concert Choir is a beginning (auditions not required) ensemble whose primary function is to participate in performances on campus. This ensemble also promotes and aids the students in the proper education of the development of their vocal instruments while also providing them with the opportunity to sing in all styles of choral literature. The Concert Choir performs several on- and off-campus concerts each year under the direction of Dr. Joanna Medawar Nachef. Members of this group have participated in performances at Carnegie Hall in New York during the years: 2005, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2015 and 2018. While Concert Choir is a class ensemble, it also acts as an active club on campus. As a club, Concert Choir, assists in supporting on-campus events, shows, activities, fundraisers, etc.

Cosmetology Club - The Style Pros

The purpose of the organization is to bring awareness to health, beauty, and wellness.  As a club, we can bring positive changes to an individual's lifestyle by educating them about their own health, beauty and wellness.  

Email: cosmostylepros@gmail.com

Cybersecurity Club

The purpose of the organization is to spread awareness and promote knowledge about using technology securely for information and communication. Cybersecurity meeting concepts include network security, digital forensics, penetration testing, secure coding, cryptography, and reverse engineering. We will also learn about general computer technology and host discussions on ethics within technology fields.

Email: elcaminocyberclub@gmail.com.

ECC Business Society

The purpose of this organization is to develop future professionals while building skills necessary to thrive in the real world. We are committed to community involvement and social networking. Our objectives aim to provide programs and activities that educate members on topics pertinent to business career interests, and also be an outlet of opportunity for those who were clueless. The people you meet in this club will be the people who last a lifetime.

Email: eccbusinesssociety@gmail.com

ECC News Broadcasting Club

The purpose of the Broadcasting Club is to equip members with the fundamentals of the production world. Whether it’s being in front of the camera or behind it, the Broadcasting Club touches on the fundamentals behind editing, interviewing, camera work, creating segments and more. Our goal is to highlight El Camino’s students, faculty, events on campus, student support programs/resources, and other clubs. If you are a communications, journalism, or film major, someone looking to improve your communication skills, or just want a look at the production world, stop by one of our meetings! 

Email: eccnews.ecc@gmail.com

Glamour Gals

Glamour Gals organizes student-led chapters in colleges and high schools across the country to visit senior homes in their communities. ECC volunteers provide ongoing companionship, complimentary beauty makeovers, and availability to play board games with women and men living in senior homes. Glamour Gals volunteers provide seniors with a restored sense of dignity through personal attention and the warmth of caring touch, as well as the opportunity to share their stories.

Email: glamg.ECC@gmail.com  

Honors Transfer Club

The purpose of the Honors Transfer Club is to have a social aspect for students by hosting social activities for its club members, volunteering events, and having fundraisers to help raise funds for the Honors Transfer Program Scholarships. The mission of the Honors Transfer Club is for students to become knowledgeable about what is taking place on campus so they gain a better understanding of the transfer process from a community college to a university, as well as social networking with other members of the club, to make the best out of their experience attending El Camino College.

Email: honors.transfer.club.ecc@gmail.com

Iota Kappa Chi

Iota Kappa Chi is a nursing student organization comprised of nursing students and prospective nursing students. We help culture and cultivate the future nurses of our country by promoting the development of accountable, responsible, and motivated leaders of tomorrow. The club as an entity is responsive to all nursing students' needs by acting as a liaison between students and faculty and creating a networking environment on the local, state, and national levels.

Email: elcaminoikx@gmail.com

Math Club

Our goal is to foster enthusiasm for the subject by exploring interesting topics not discussed in class and the application of mathematics.

Email: math.elcamino@gmail.com

Political Science Club

The Political Science Club is a nonpartisan club open to all students and is a place to discuss local, state, and national politics. The club publicizes career opportunities and offers advice for those majoring in Political Science. The mission is to inform and foster interest in politics, current events, and encourage participation. This is a great opportunity to meet other students, and we welcome everyone with views from all across the political spectrum!

Scene One Film Club

The purpose of Scene One Film Club is to create an environment in which individuals seeking advancement and practice in the area of film can come together and learn from one another, as well as understand the dedication and effort required to create and produce a film.

Email: sceneoneclub@elcamino.edu

Science Club

The Science Club is a club for everyone with an interest in science, whether they are a science major or not. The club conducts several multi-day field trips every year to natural areas such as Grand Canyon, Joshua Tree, Zion, Mojave, and Yosemite parks. The club also has social activities such as hikes and picnics and staffs a booth at local community events. 

Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

Society of Women Engineers (SWE)  is a student chapter of an international professional organization. SWE encourages women to pursue engineering majors and careers. Activities involve tech speakers, workshops, conferences, tours, meetings, and outreach. In addition, we work closely with other tech clubs such as Robotics Club and WIT to host robotics competitions and other technical events on campus.

Email: sweclub@elcamino.edu 

Speech & Debate Club

The nationally recognized El Camino Speech & Debate team is comprised of a group of individuals who value the pursuit of knowledge and the study of communication. By competing in debate tournaments at various colleges, members of the team improve skills in public speaking and on-the-spot logical reasoning. In addition to refining one’s own abilities, students also interact with individuals who share the desire to discuss foreign policies, domestic events, and other current affairs in the world. From fruitful interactions with peers to competing intellectually, the Speech & Debate team serves as a unique opportunity to learn about the world and engage in legislative discussion.

Vegan Club

The purpose of the Vegan Club is to encourage students to support and share a healthy plant-based lifestyle with the community.

Virtual Reality Club

The mission of the Virtual Reality Club is to promote virtual reality technology and bring the technology to those who otherwise would not be exposed to it. We are a community oriented organization. We desire to provide programs, resources, and activities to educate people on virtual reality technology and development of virtual reality technology.

Women in Technology (WIT)

Women in Technology (WIT) encourages women to pursue technical majors and careers. Activities involve tech speakers, workshops, conferences, tours, meetings, and outreach. In addition, we work closely with other tech clubs such as Robotics Club and SWE to host robotics competitions and other technical events on campus.

Email: witclub@elcamino.edu 

List of registered clubs at El Camino College.