Partnership/Consortium Asset Catalog

The landscape of grant requirements is quickly changing, and El Camino College wants to be in a position to adapt effectively and proactively pursue funding opportunities that align with its strategic priorities and educational mission. Many grants will be requiring El Camino College to partner or join a consortium with various types of entities.

Provide the Grants Development and Management Office (GDM) with your partner(s) and/or consortium information via the "Partnership Submission Links" to assist our college in leveraging assets.

Thank you for taking the time to catalog your Division/Area partnership assets. The Grants Development and Management Office appreciates your efforts. This enables our office to connect you with:

  • available funding opportunities.
  • sustainable growth opportunities.
  • innovative products and services.
  • partnership leads.
  • competitive advantages.
  • opportunities to minimize potential risks as a result of funding fluctuations.