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Faculty Resources: 7. Professional Development / Flexible Calendar


7. Professional Development / Flexible Calendar



7.3. Flex Guidelines

Flex Information



7.4. Cornerstone

Cornerstone is the program used at El Camino College for tracking faculty Flex hours, registering for on-campus activities and submitting Individual Activity Proposals and Conferences/Off-Campus Workshops/Other Activities.

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Cornerstone FAQs



7.6. Professional Meetings and Conferences

Professional Meetings and Conferences

Faculty members are encouraged to attend professional meetings and conferences.

The major sources of funding for conference and workshop attendance are listed below:

  • Division funds - 80% of the District's faculty conference and travel funds is allocated to the divisions. The division conference committee has the primary responsibility for the distribution of these funds. (Article 16, Sections 2 & 3, of the Agreement)

  • Campus-wide funds are allocated through the Vice President of Academic Affairs Office and the College Conference Committee (CCC) (Article 16, Section 5, of the Agreement). Additional funding is available for conferences addressing technology, diversity, or retention. Complete procedures for requesting conference funds may be obtained by contacting the Vice President of Academic Affairs Office.

Process for Applying for Funds

To submit for travel funding, first submit to your Division Conference Committee for approval.

Travel Reimbursement Form

Article XVI - Professional Meetings and Conferences



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