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Faculty Resources: 5. Technology to Support Instruction


5. Technology to Support Instruction

This section identifies the technology resources and support available for faculty at El Camino College.


5.1 Faculty Web Page

Please contact Professional Development for information regarding Faculty Web Pages.



5.2 Canvas - Supported LMS

Canvas is the Learning Management System (LMS) of El Camino College, which can be used to teach online or enhance on-campus instruction!

 Canvas Resource Page

Advantages to using Canvas

  • Course materials posted are organized for students and instructor
  • Provides consistency in delivery and evaluation for distance education courses
  • Students can go through material anytime as many times as they want
  • Instructors can keep tabs on every student 


5.3 Canvas Gradebook

ECC Gradebook has been sunsettedCanvas Gradebook is a digital gradebook solution for all faculty, and allows students to see their course progress and grades.

  Canvas gradebook roster

Canvas Gradebook Quick Start Guide

Gradebook video 

Canvas Gradebook Basics: 


5.4 MyECC Portal Info & Help

This section will help with log-in, password, and browser issues.

MyECC logo  

Logging into MyECC Portal

If this is your first time logging in make sure to read the welcome notes.

MyECC Welcome

After logging in, do not close the Logon Status pop-up window: 

Logon Window

This login window verifies that you are an authenticated user.  (That you logged in with a correct ID and password.)

If you close the window, your browser "forgets" who you are and ends the Portal session.

If the window is not appearing, check that you are allowing pop-ups for El Camino College websites.

Troubleshooting MyECC



5.5 Unicheck - Plagiarism Prevention

Unicheck, an anti-plagiarism software, helps instructors reduce plagiarism in course papers submitted by students. Turnitin ensures originality of student papers. 

How Originality Check Works

When essays are due, students will upload their own essays into Canvas (see instructions below), and Turnitin will generate an originality report identifying any borrowed material and its source. (You can also use this feature as a teaching tool to help students avoid plagiarizing. Just set the option to allow students to see the originality report and resubmit their essays prior to the due date.)

Setting Up Your Account

**There is no need to set up an account.** Unicheck is now accessible through Canvas.  

Enabling Unicheck in Canvas

Unicheck is ALREADY enabled. Please do not try to add it from the Apps area inside your Canvas account. Doing so adds another version of Turnitin, and then with two versions running it breaks.  



**Note #1: Please let your students know they will be turning in assignments while inside Canvas. They will not go to the Unicheck website itself. 

**Note #2: Please tell your students to not submit assignments while using the Canvas app on their smartphone or tablet. (This also applies to assignments where you don't use Unicheck.) There is a known issue where sometimes assignments submitted via the Canvas app show as having been turned in on the student end, but on the instructor end it looks like the student did not submit anything.

Ideally, Assignments / Essays should be uploaded from a laptop or desktop computer only. But if a student has to submit from their smartphone or tablet, tell them to go to their regular browser app (Chrome, et al), then go to the El Camino website, and then login to Canvas that way. Logging in through the browser works because the issue is with the Canvas app. 

**Note #3:  Since Unicheck authenticates students, the 'Test Student' inside Canvas won't be able to submit any Unicheck assignments. So if you go into Student Mode, you'll be able test out your discussions, your quizzes, etc., but you won't be able to test out your Unicheck assignment(s.)  If you try to do so, it'll look like the assignment is broken. It isn't broken -- it's just Unicheck not allowing a fake student to submit.


Creating a Regular Assignment in Canvas 

Canvas Assignment Guides (opens in a new window.)


Making an Assignment a Unicheck Assignment in Canvas


Instructor Resources

Unicheck Instructor's Guide

Student Resources

Unicheck Student's Guide





5.8. Films on Demand - Academic Video on Demand

Films on Demand is a database of over 15,000 videos (200,000+ video segments) in dozens of subjects across science, humanities, and the social sciences.

• Faculty are free to show individual videos in their classrooms, but the videos may also be assigned as "homework," searched as information sources for student research, and embedded into Canvas.

• Videos are closed-captioned and also offer searchable transcripts.

• Full-length films as well as video clips are included. Film segments may be selected for viewing, instead of the entire film.

How to access Films on Demand

Here is the the link to the list of library databases. From there, click on F. If you are on campus, you will be automatically authenticated and logged into Films on Demand. If you are off campus you will need to use your ECC email and password to log in.

There is a Films on Demand User Guide put together by Mary McMillan that walks you through finding videos and embedding them into Canvas.

If you have any questions, please reach out to the virtual chat to talk to a Librarian on the Library home page.



5.9. Professional Development Workshop Materials

Here's a link to our helpful technology workshop materials and handouts:

Professional Development Workshop and Training Resources and Videos



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