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African American Employees Network (AFAM)

Welcome to the AFAM site!

The African American Employees Network (AFAM) is the reconstitution of a former support group for African American employees at El Camino College.  The main purpose is to allow African American employees to network, be in community, and assist and support our students.  We also work with campus officials in increasing African American faculty and employees.  Given the political implications that surface after the George Floyd murders, AFAM established ourselves as leader on campus in dismantling institutional and structural racist practices.

The primary mission of the African American Employees Network is:  

To serve as a resource for staff, faculty, managers, administration, and students in its pursuit to achieve a visible and institutionalized commitment to equity, diversity, inclusion, support and recognition of all African American/Black employees and students at El Camino College.  

The primary vision of the African American Employees Network is:  

Through relationship-driven strategies with college leaders and the community, AFAM will increase engagement opportunities, raise critical consciousness, and empower the community of African American/Black employees and students at El Camino College.

Recent Contributions of AFAM to El Camino College

The African American Employees (AFAM) Network contributed to the campus with several endeavors.

  • Consulted with Former President Dr. Maloney on her President’s Advisory Committee on Race & Equity.
  • Drafted a Board Policy addressing systemic racism at El Camino College.
  • Collaborated on board resolutions supporting Black Student Success week.
  • Hosted a voter information and registration webinar which we like to think helped the election results yield the first African American Vice President, Kamala Harris.
  • Invited Dr. Hannah Abassi, who presented on COVID and its impact on the African American community for Black History Month.
  • Participated in campus forums on topics including Implicit Bias, Hiring a Diverse Faculty, Campus and Community Safety and Policing, Confronting Explicit Acts of Racism and Racial Violence to name a few.
  • Hosted Virtual Social Events playing games such as “Black Card Revoked.”
  • Consulted and Advocated for a Black Student Success Center and Reconstituting a Black Student Union.
  • Hosted a Black Mental Health Event in conjunction with Project Success and Men of Color with the aim of destigmatizing the importance of self-care in our community.
  • Supported our AAPI colleagues in denouncing Asian hate and consulted with them on starting their infinity employees group.
  • Made our presence known on  campus by being conscious and vigilant about programs taking place on campus and providing feedback.
  • Celebrated Juneteenth with a virtual townhall with Dr. Robert Grant.

We said it last year, and we will say it again, we are El Camino College’s African American Employees Network and we are not taking our foot of the gas!


Upcoming Events

The History We Stand On

The History We Stand On: A Chronicle of the Land that El Camino College Occupies

Join us for the opening reception of an exhibit that examines the history of the land occupied by El Camino College.  Learn about the first inhabitants, the Gabrielino Tongva, and the contested use of land throughout history, including Mexican ranchos, Japanese tenant farming, and Gordon Manor, a proposed middle class housing tract slated for African Americans.


Date: May 12, 2022
Time: 1:15pm
Location: El Camino College Library Lobby


Click here for the flyer.