Physical Geography Powerpoint Presentations

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Powerpoint Lecture Presentations (Use arrows to navigate through each presentation). Be patient. These are huge files. They will take a long time to download, particularly over a modem connection Didn't Work? If you don't have Powerpoint, you'll have to download the FREE Powerpoint Viewer for PC or the FREE Powerpoint Viewer for Macintosh Computers from Microsoft..
First Day  Tropical Rainforests
Intro to the Earth 
Earth-Sun Relations (Seasons) Earth Structure and Plate Tectonics
Cartography    Orogenesis (Folding, Faulting, and Volcanism)
Atmosphere and Ozone Hole Weathering, Erosion, and Fluvial Processes
Insolation and Energy Transfer Arid Landforms
Temperature and Global Warming Glacial Landforms
Global and Local Winds and El Nino Coastal Landforms
Humidity and Precipitation HOMEWORK Materials
Midlatitude Cyclones Flash Card Homework
Hurricanes Seasons Homework
Tornadoes Winds and Pressure - Answer Key Page 1, Page 2
Thunderstorms Map Homework (and Study Guide)
Global Climate & Vegetation TEST REVIEW Materials
Clouds Final Exam Review

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