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Distinguished Alumni Awards

The El Camino College Foundation is pleased to recognize the accomplishments of our alumni through the Distinguished Alumni program. Many of our alumni are highly respected in the community and have achieved great success in their careers and lives. We are honored to acknowledge these individuals and remember the strong educational foundation El Camino College provided them as they embarked on their professional journey.

Nominations for induction into the Distinguished Alumni of El Camino College are accepted throughout the year. Awards are presented every other year and active solicitation of names occurs for several months during the spring of an award year. Anyone who wishes to nominate a former student for this award may do so by completing a nomination form. Please include any supporting information such as resume, featured publications, certifications, awards received, etc.

The 2018 Distinguished Alumni Awards Dinner will be held on Friday, February 1, 2019.

Distinguished Alumni Nomination Form (PDF)

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2016 Distinguished Alumni Award Honorees

Eleanor Bersano George Nakano Laura Schenasi
 Eleanor Bersano
  Retired Educator
& Community Activist
George Nakano
 Retired Teacher/Administrator
& Former Politician
Laura Schenasi
   Executive Vice President
Torrance Memorial
Health Care Foundation
William Young    
William Young

2016 Distinguished Alumni Biographies click here.



Distinguished Alumni Honor Roll

Daelea Aldrich ‘97

Barbara Ann Alexander '97

David Benoit '11

Timothy Robert Blevins ‘97

Donald Brann ‘11

James M. Brooks ‘97

Fred Claire ‘97

Rudy deLeon ‘97

Cindi L. Demboski ‘97

Fred Dryer ‘97

Keith Erickson ‘97

Dennis Fayze Fandey ‘97

James A. Ferreira ‘97

E. Michael Fincke ‘12

Diane M. Fitzhugh ‘97

Monica Fredericks '14

Pat Furey ‘11

Gary L. Galiger ‘97

Don E. Gilpin ‘97

Barbara F. Gleason ‘97

James M. Hill ‘97

Robert S. Horii ‘97

Nils E. Johnson ‘97

Kathryn Joiner '97

Richard O. Keelor ‘97

Timothy L. King ‘97

Michael Lacey ‘12

Jack Ledbetter ‘97

Russ E. Lesser ‘97

Carol M. Liess ‘97

Dennis Mangers ‘97

Patricia C. Martz ‘97

Harry A. McKellop '97

Anita McLaughlin ‘12

William J. Mealer ‘97

Candace Messer ‘12

Cliff Meidl ‘03

Mark Mercier ‘97

Chris Montez ‘12

Philip Montez ‘97

Michael Montoya ‘11

Carol Neblett ‘97

Joe Boyd Noble ‘97

Wayne Overbeck ‘97

  David Pack ‘97


Nick G. Parras '97

Maria G. Pena ‘97

Virginia T. Pfiffner ‘97

Gregory Rafijah '14

Gerald T. Robinson ‘97

Mary C. Rooney ‘97

Edmond J. Russ ‘97

James T. Russell, Jr. ‘97

Ray Southstone ‘97

Jannette A. Stewart ‘97

Ryan Stonebraker '14

Megan Tatu '14

Ian D. Teague ‘97

Maxine L. Thomas ‘97

Donna Toy-Chen ‘97

Cinna Toy-Wohlmuth ‘11

Carlos R. Vessels ‘97

Cheryl Ann Winkler ‘97

Hope Witkowsky ‘02

Merrie (Penny) Wood ‘97

Roy T.  Yanase ‘97

Beverly B. Young ‘97