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Endowed Scholarships

Establishing an endowed scholarship provides permanent, sustainable funding for current and future students. Endowments are invested in accordance with prudent standards that ensure long-term viability and managed to provide a maximum return on investment. Annual earnings are carefully reinvested to support future scholarships.

Endowed Scholarship 

Dr. John Tyo Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Mrs. Ana Tyo and Mr. Paul Tyo, brother of Dr. John Tyo, with the 2018 Dr. John Tyo Memorial Endowed Scholarship recipient. This scholarship was created in memory of Dr. John Tyo, who taught at El Camino College for 37 years. He enjoyed seeing his students succeed and was part of their lives even after graduating from ECC, with many completing their educations at four-year institutions. Throughout John's life, his great joy was to extend a helping hand to people.


The minimum level to establish an endowment with the Foundation is $25,000, to fund an annual $1,000 scholarship award. Endowed scholarships can be established in several ways:

  1. Fully funding the scholarship at the time it is established
  2. Funding the scholarship through a multi-year pledge of three or more years
  3. Pledge periods for larger scholarships will be determined on an individual basis

There are many endowed scholarships currently available for El Camino College students:

  • Automotive Technology Scholarship
  • Howard M. Banks Scholarship
  • Barth Family Scholarship
  • Wayne and Margaret Bemis Scholarship
  • Joy Bender Memorial Scholarship
  • Brown/Kesslen/Stoeckle Scholarship
  • Paula Carabelli Scholarship
  • CASA Endowment Scholarship
  • Rudolph and Viola Charles Scholarship
  • Andrew Reed Cummings Memorial Scholarship
  • Stanley Dunn/Verizon Scholarship
  • Engelbarts Memorial Music Scholarship
  • Frances Ford Scholarship for Nursing
  • Dr. Waldo Ford Scholarship
  • Warren E. Ford Memorial High School Chemistry and Nursing Scholarships
  • Foundation Board of Directors Award of Excellence
  • Frank Fowler Scholarship
  • Robert F. Guest Endowed Scholarship for Music
  • Dr. Robert Haag Music Scholarship
  • Dr. Olive Hall Scholarship
  • Robert H. Hesse Memorial Scholarship
  • Dr. Nadine Ishitani Hata Memorial Scholarship
  • Jewelry, Metalsmithing and Lapidary Scholarship
  • Sgt. Kirk Johnston Memorial Scholarship
  • Joy Karr Memorial Scholarship
  • Norma Kayser Memorial Scholarship Endowment for the Arts
  • Christine Knox Endowed Scholarship
  • Rudy Kroon Scholarship
  • Dr. Henry Mansfield Jr. Memorial Scholarship
  • Robert McKinnon Scholarship
  • Dr. Christopher J. Mello Memorial Scholarship for Music
  • Julius Sumner Miller Scholarship
  • Music Scholarship
  • Lila North Scholarship
  • J.G. Pelka Memorial Scholarships for Automotive and Construction Technology
  • Marilyn T. Pore Scholarship
  • Bert Scott Endowed Scholarship
  • Stelik Endowed Scholarship
  • Les Thomas Memorial Scholarship
  • Dr. John Tyo Memorial Scholarship
  • Norm Verry Athletic Endowment
  • Tom Wilson Physics Scholarship

Interested in establishing an endowed scholarship at El Camino College? Please contact Andrea Sala, Executive Director at