Legacy Circle
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Legacy Circle

The Legacy Circle recognizes individuals and families who have designated a gift to the Foundation through their estate planning. This includes gifts through wills and bequests, revocable living trusts, and retirement assets or real estate. A planned Legacy Circle gift helps to ensure the continued success of El Camino College students. If you have included the El Camino College Foundation in your will, please make sure to inform the Foundation office. 

Thank you to the following Legacy Circle supporters whose commitment to education will live on for years to come!

Legacy Circle logo 

 Ms. Ruth Abeyta  Englebarts Estate  Mr. Leon R. Leonardo
 Dr. and Mrs. Wayne Bemis  Mrs. Frances Ford  Mrs. Elizabeth Noble
 Ms. Kathy Benz  Mr. Robert F. Guest  A.Y., Joyce, and Jim Olds
 Mr. and Mrs. Rene H. Bergero  Mrs. Mary Haag  Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Rangel
 Mr. Raymond Billig  Mr. Joe Holliday  Mr. John O. Schmidt
 Ms. Eva Brown  Mrs. Pati Johnson  Ms. Mary Semeraro 
 Dr. James A. Campbell  Dr. Don H. Kaylor  Mr. Wilson Tressel
 Mr. Rudolph Charles  Ms. Norma Kayser  Ms. Maxine H. Trevethen
 Mr. Woodward W. Dunlop  Mr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Kinnan  Mr. Stanley F. Wilson


Interested in joining the Legacy Circle? Please contact Andrea Sala, Executive Director at asala@elcamino.edu.