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Get Started with Distance Education

Before You Register

New Students

If you are not a current ECC student, you first need to Enroll at ECC. Enroll Now

Out-of-State Students

At this time, if you do not physically live in California you are not permitted to register for DE courses from El Camino College.

Step to Register for Distance Education Classes

The application and registration process for Distance Education courses at El Camino College is the same with face-to-face classes. Follow these 5 easy steps:

Step 1:

Choose your classes from the Class Schedule. Be sure that prerequisites and co-requisites are met.  

Step 2:

Register for classes through MyECC.

  • Check your registration appointment through MyECC.
  • Click on Registration > Add & Drop > Registration Appointment Time.
  • You may not register prior to the assigned date and time.
  • See priority registration to know more about how you get your appointment. 

Step 3:

Take note of any additional information or requirements for your course.

Step 4:

Prepare for your distance education experience!
Use our tutorials and resources to begin building skills for success in Distance Education. Watch the Tutorials Now

Step 5:

Check your ECC Email.
Don't forget to check your ECC email for messages about the course from your instructor.