Distance Education Courses
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Courses Offered

Below is a list of Distance Education course offerings. To see which classes are available in a particular semester, please check the Class Schedule. For course details and description, please see the School Catalog.

Course Name and Number

Course Title

Academic Strategies 60 Strategies for Success in Distance Education
Administration of Justice 100 Introduction to Administration of Justice
American Studies 7 History of American Popular Culture
Anatomy 30 Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology
Anatomy 32 General Human Anatomy
Anthropology 1 Introduction to Physical Anthropology
Anthropology 2 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
Anthropology 3 Introduction to Archaeology
Anthropology 6 Native Peoples of North America
Anthropology 7 Native Peoples of South America
Anthropology 8 Ancient Civilizations of Mesoamerica
Anthropology 9 Women, Culture, and Society
Anthropology 11 Anthropology of Magic, Religion and Witchcraft
Anthropology 12 Ancient Civilizations of the World
Anthropology 20A Introduction to Museum Studies
Art 1 Art and Visual Culture in Modern Life
Art 2 History of Western Art – Prehistoric to Gothic
Art 109 Contemporary Art in World Cultures
Astronomy 20  The Solar System 
Biology 15 Environmental Aspects of Biology 
Business 1A  Financial Accounting 
Business 1B  Managerial Accounting 
Business 11  Accounting for Small Business 
Business 12  Advertising 
Business 14  Marketing 
Business 15 Business Mathematics
Business 16 10-Key Calculating for Business
Business 17 Personal Finance
Business 19 Principles of Retailing Management
Business 20 Business Management
Business 21 Personnel Management
Business 22 Human Relations in Business
Business 24 Introduction to Small Business Entrepreneurship
Business 25 Introduction to Business
Business 27 Effective English for Business
Business 28 Written Business Communications
Business 52A Microsoft Word Applications I
Business 52B Microsoft Word Applications II
Business 54 Microsoft Office – Integrated Software Applications
Business 55 Advanced Microsoft Office – Integrated Software Applications
Business 56abcd Microsoft Word Certification Preparation
Business 57abcd PowerPoint Certification Preparation
Business 60A Microcomputer Keyboarding
Business 60B Microcomputer Document Processing
Business 60C Microcomputer Document Formatting
Business 90 International Aspects of Business
Business 91 International Marketing
Business 92 Fundamentals of Exporting
Business 93 Fundamentals of Importing
Business 94 International Trade Logistics
Business 97 International Business Law
Child Development 103 Child Growth and Development
Child Development 104 The Home, The School, The Community
Child Development 105 Parenting in Contemporary Society
Child Development 107 Infant/Toddler Development
Child Development 108 The Preschool Child
Child Development 110 Child Health and Safety
Child Development 112 Teaching Young Children in a Diverse Society
Child Development 122 Development of the School Age Child
Child Development 123 Principles and Practices of School Age Care Programs
Child Development 125 Child Development Practicum I
Child Development 126 Child Development Practicum II
Child Development 129 Introduction to Program Administration
Child Development 130 Principles of Program Administration
Child Development 131 Supervising and Mentoring Adults
Child Development 137abcd Mentor Seminar A
Child Development 138abcd Mentor Seminar B
Child Development 139abcd Mentor Seminar C
Child Development 140abcd Mentor Seminar D
Child Development 150 Survey of Children with Special Needs
Child Development 152 Disabilities in the Developing Child
Child Development 154 Role and Responsibilities of the Special Education Assistant
Child Development 170A Family Development I
Child Development 170B Family Development II
Computer Aided Design/Drafting 31abcd    Orientation to CATIA
Computer Information Systems 11 Help Desk Operations
Computer Information Systems 13 Introduction to Computers
Computer Information Systems 16 Introduction to Visual Basic
Computer Information Systems 18 Systems Analysis and Design
Computer Information Systems 19 Introduction to the Internet and Web Publishing
Computer Information Systems 30 Introduction to e-Commerce
Computer Information Systems 133 Web Programming Concepts
Computer Information Systems 134 Web Programming
Computer Information Systems 140 Data Communications Cisco 1
Computer Information Systems 141 Networking Microcomputers Cisco 2
Computer Information Systems 142 Implementing and Administering Network Routers Cisco 3
Computer Information Systems 143 LAN and WAN Router Configurations Cisco 4
Contemporary Health 1 Personal and Community Health Issues
Dance 1 Dance Appreciation
Economics 1 Principles of Economics: Macroeconomics
Economics 2 Principles of Economics: Microeconomics Theory
Economics 5 Fundamentals of Economics
English 1A Reading and Composition
English 1B Literature and Composition
English 1C Critical Thinking and Composition
English 4 Grammar and Structure
English 7 Speed and Power Reading
English 27 Children’s Literature
English 28 Images of Women in Literature
English 39 Literature and Film
English 40B American Literature
English 47 California Literature
English 84 Developmental Reading and Writing
Geology 1 Physical Geology
Global Studies 101 Introduction to Global Studies
History 101 United States History to 1877
History 102 United States History from 1877 to the Present
History 105 Women and American History from the Colonial Era to 1870
History 110 The African American in the United States, 1600 to 1877
History 112 History of the Chicano in the United States
History 114 History of the Asian American in the United States
History 122 United States Social History: Cultural Pluralism in America
History 140 History of Early Civilizations
History 141 History of Modern Civilizations
History 152 History of Latin America through Independence
History 154 A History of Mexico
History 162 History of Early Britain
History 175 History of Asian Civilizations
History 176 History of Asian Civilizations
History 178 History of China
History 190 History of the Middle East
Human Development 5 Career and Life Planning
Human Development 8 Orientation to College and Educational Planning
Human Development 10 Strategies for Success in College and in Life
Human Development 12 Strategies for Success in the Workplace
Humanities 1 Introduction to the Humanities
Journalism 1 News Writing and Reporting
Journalism 4 Feature Writing
Journalism 12 Mass Media and Society
Law 4 Legal Environment of Business
Law 5 Contracts, Sales and Commercial Paper
Machine Tool Technology 11abcd Numerical Control Graphics Programming with CATIA 
Mathematics 33 Elementary Algebra, Part I 
Mathematics 40 Elementary Algebra 
Mathematics 43  Elementary Algebra, Part II 
Mathematics 73  Intermediate Algebra for General Education 
Mathematics 80  Intermediate Algebra for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics 
Mathematics 120  Nature of Mathematics 
Mathematics 130  College Algebra 
Mathematics 150  Elementary Statistics with Probability 
Music 11 Music Appreciation Survey
Music 12 Music Cultures of the World
Music 16 History of Rock Music
Music 17 Music of the Beatles
Nutrition and Foods 11 Nutrition
Nutrition and Foods 15 Nutrition for Infants and Young Children
Oceanography 10 Introduction to Oceanography
Philosophy 2 Introduction to Philosophy
Philosophy 3 Ethics and Society
Philosophy 5 Critical Thinking and Discourse
Philosophy 7 Philosophy of Religion
Philosophy 8 Introduction to Logic
Philosophy 10 History of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy
Philosophy 11 History of Modern and Contemporary Philosophy
Philosophy 12 Existentialism
Philosophy 14 Asian Philosophy
Philosophy 23 Ethics, Law and Society
Psychology 2 Psychology for Effective Living
Psychology 3 Critical Thinking and Psychology
Psychology 5 General Psychology
Psychology 7 Physiological Psychology
Psychology 8 Social Psychology
Psychology 15 Abnormal Psychology
Psychology 16 Lifespan Development
Real Estate 11 Real Estate Principles
Real Estate 13 Real Estate Practice
Real Estate 14A Real Estate Finance I
Real Estate 16 Real Estate Economics
Real Estate 40 Real Estate Appraisal
Real Estate 41 Advanced Real Estate Appraisal
Sociology 101 Introduction to Sociology
Sociology 102 The Family
Sociology 104 Social Problems
Sociology 108 Global Perspectives on Race and Ethnicity
Speech Communication 14 Introduction to Intercultural Communication
Theatre 1 Theatre Appreciation
Theatre 4 Dramatic Literature