Waitlist and Add/Drop
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Before Your Class Starts

Distance Education cources follow the same registration procedures as face-to-face classes. Use the links below for more information about closed classes and the waitlist and how to add or drop a course.

Closed Classes and the Waitlist

The online Schedule of Classes will tell you if a class is Open, Closed, or Waitlisted. When a class is full, a wait list will open. You may add your name to the wait list if space is available. When both the class and waitlist are full, the class will state "Closed".

When class starts, the registration system will stop adding students from the waitlist. If space becomes available, the instructor will email you an add code according to your position on the waitlist. If you receive an add code, add the class through MyECC. You must pay your fees on time or you will be dropped from the class. It can take up to 24 hours from the time of your add registration for your class to show up in Canvas.

Adding a Class

If the class is closed and the waitlist is full, you must contact the instructor and request permission to add. You may reach the instructor by:

  • Attending the first class meeting/orientation held on-campus.
  • Email. Most instructors prefer email especially if the course does not have on-campus orientation. If you need the instructor's email please contact the Division Office for that class. 

If space is available, the instructor will provide you an add code. Add the class through MyECC and pay your fees on time. It can take up to 24 hours from the time of your add registration until your class is available in Canvas.

Dropping a Class

Voluntary Course Drop

The process for dropping classes is the same for face-to-face classes. Simply drop the class through MyECC. Check the Academic Calendar for final drop dates.

Dropped Due to Attendance

Students who do not show up for the first class session in face-to-face classes are dropped from the roster. In an online class, students who do not engage in the first required interaction of the academic term by the instructor's deadline or within the first five days of the term if no other deadline is provided may be dropped from the roster. Make certain to read your syllabus to find out what you need to do for your class.

If you are uncertain about how to access your course or have questions about what is required of you, please remember to contact your instructor so that you are not dropped from the class because you didn't check in.

Dropped Due to Non-Participation

Instructors may withrdaw students who do not continue to complete required regular substantive intreactions by the assigned due dates specified in the syllabus. According to Federal Distance Education guidelines, frequent weekly participation is required.

It is not enough to just read the lectures and send in your assignments to the instructor. Make sure you follow the instructions and dates in your course syllabus for participation requirements.


For more information contact Adminissions and Records: 310-660-3414; admissionshelp@elcamino.edu