Distinguished Faculty/Staff 2018

Congratulations to ECC counselor Dr. Cynthia Mosqueda (faculty) and student services adviser Mr. Jaime Gallegos (staff) who were recently named the 2018 El Camino College Distinguished Faculty and Staff Award honorees. Dr. Mosqueda and Mr. Gallegos will be recognized at the 22nd Annual Faculty and Staff Award Reception on May 10, where they will be honored for their contributions to student success, the college and their colleagues.

Distinguished Faculty/Staff 2018

An ECC graduate, Dr. Mosqueda also earned a master's degree in counseling from California State University, Dominguez Hills, and a doctorate in educational leadership from UCLA. She joined the staff of El Camino College as a First Year Experience/Learning Communities counselor in 2001. Since then she has provided students infinite support and encouragement to help them succeed. Dr. Mosqueda has long emphasized the collaborative process between faculty and students through her commitment to linking disciplines from various divisions. On campus she serves as the lead for the Guided Pathways Committee, the Dreamer's Task Force, the Multiple Measures Initiative & Automation, the Warrior Dreamer Grant Initiative, and the inaugural ECC First-Gen Institute, in addition to other committees.

Students have praised Dr. Mosqueda's personalized attention and kindness shown to each person she works with, her approachable and accessible manner, and some say she has inspired them to become counselors as well. One student noted, "The greatest thing about Dr. Mosqueda is how dedicated she is to students because I know that even after I am out of the program, she is available to help me with my future concerns."

Among her many awards, Dr. Mosqueda was named a "Woman of Distinction" by the ECC Women's History Month Committee in 2005. She is a strong advocate for community colleges and served two terms as a board member for the Faculty Association of California Community Colleges (FACCC). In addition, she has been a facilitator for the National Great Teacher Seminar and earlier this year, Dr. Mosqueda was named Full-Time Faculty of the Year by the FACCC.

Distinguished Faculty/Staff 2018

Mr. Jaime Gallegos is a student services adviser with the First Year Experience program who has made an impact on El Camino College, both as an outstanding student and as a dedicated student services professional. During his time at ECC, he has worked with various programs, including the Ambassadors, Transfer Center, Career Center, and Financial Aid, in addition to serving as a RISE Center intern, where he helped connect students to resources – all with a caring commitment to help students succeed.

Mr. Gallegos was a leader in assisting with the implementation of the college's new enrollment management program CRM Recruit, is a co-adviser to the Men of Color student club and developed a community resource guide featuring more than 40 area resources including food pantries, shelters and other assistance. He also assisted with the coordination of a new financial aid education training program that connected with more than 300 students. Mr. Gallegos makes a meaningful impact on El Camino College by assisting and helping to coordinate events with the Dreamer's Task Force and using follow-up strategies to build rapport with hundreds of FYE students. Another career highlight for Mr. Gallegos was assisting in coordinating a Summer Bridge initiative in 2016 that helped 84 percent of participating students advance at least one level up from their initial English assessment.

Known for being a team player steadfast in his goal to help students progress, Mr. Gallegos takes the time to collaborate with others campuswide and in the community to ensure students' well-being and success. Working with both students and colleagues, he is professional and respectful, attributes that contribute to his approachable demeanor.

A graduate of El Camino College, Mr. Gallegos transferred to the University of California, Santa Cruz, where he earned a bachelor's degree in sociology, and Latin American and Latino Studies. He then went on earn a master's degree in social work from California State University, Dominguez Hills.

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