Frequently Asked Questions
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First Year Experience Program (FYE)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


How Many Students do you Accept?
Every year the First Year Experience Program accepts over 800 new first year students! We make every effort to thoroughly review every application we receive. Only students who complete all steps to joining the program will be considered for review.
Do my High School Grades Matter to be Eligible for FYE?
Although we do not use your high school grades to accept you into the program, we do use them to see which FYE learning community/ cohort to place you into. For example, if you are eligible to take English 1A at El Camino College, then you would be placed into a cohort with English 1A.

What is a Learning Community/Cohort?
Learning communities/cohorts involve the intentional creation of class pairs around a common theme. Learning communities are a great way to connect with a network of supportive classmates, teachers and counselors. Classroom activities, tests, assignments, field trips, research projects, and educational technology are used to engage students in their own learning . Research indicates learning communities promote student achievement, retention, and progress toward degree completion.

If I am Admitted am I Required to Take Specific Courses?
Yes. If you are admitted into FYE you will be added to one of our learning communities which is usually a combination of an English class and a CSU and or UC transferable course (both courses would be required if admitted).

Am I Guaranteed a Spot in the Program?
Although FYE expands every year we cannot accept every student that applies. The sooner you complete all required steps the better your chances of getting into the program. Please note that if you are accepted we will contact you via email. If you do not respond then your spot is given to the next student on the list. 

Do I need to Test into a Specific Level of Math or English to be Admitted?
Not necessarily. We admit students based on the available learning communities/cohorts. We offer a large variety of cohorts across different Math and English levels so being admitted is largely based on whether the level that placed into still has available spaces. Please note that English 1A learning communities/cohorts tend to fill the quickest so the earlier you complete all required steps the better the chances of being admitted.

Can I see a Sample Schedule if I am Admitted?
Below is an example of one of our FYE learning communities/cohorts:

English 1A
(Reading and Composition)


10:15 am-12:20 pm

American Studies 7
(History of American Popular Culture)


1:00 pm-2:25 pm

 Do I Need to be a Full-Time Student?
Yes. All students admitted into the FYE program are required to be enrolled as a full-time student (minimum of 12 units). 

If I am Planning to be in a STEM Major, Should I Still Apply?
Yes! FYE has learning communities/cohorts specifically for STEM students.

 Can I Join/ Be Part of Multiple Programs?
 Definitely! We encourage you to seek out as much support as is available. For example, you can be in FYE and EOP&S, FYE & MESA, etc. There are a few exceptions though. There are other Learning Community/Cohort programs on campus (such as Puente and Project Success) that may require you to be enrolled in specific courses that may interfere or overlap with FYE classes. Work closely with one of our Advisors to help explain the differences between these programs to help with determining which program is best for your needs. You can reach us at (310) 660-6936. 

If I am Joining the Honor's Transfer Program (HTP), would I still benefit from also joining FYE?
Yes. FYE offers 2 Honor's courses (English 1A and English 1C) to help you satisfy your HTP honor's course requirement for the semester. FYE also offers regular counseling support to help you with your transfer related questions which includes one-on one assistance with university admissions applications.


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