Summer Bridge Program
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Summer Reading and Writing Academy 2018

July 16th - 27th, 2018

Monday-Thursday 9 am- 12 pm

Join other high school graduates who have been selected to spend two weeks in the Summer Reading and Writing Academy. It is the perfect summer program for students entering El Camino College straight out of high school. Students will practice English skills and prepare to take an exit exam. Successful completion of the exam allows students to skip classes and more quickly earn their college degree!

Top reasons to join the Summer Reading and Writing Academy!!

  1. Recieve 2 FREE weeks of English preparatory skills training
  2. Review reading, writing, and test-taking skills
  3. Get a chance to take an exit exam and place into a higher English class
  4. Be one of the 84% of students to place into a higher English class

Follow 3 easy steps to join the Summer Reading and Writing Academy!!

  1. Submit a Summer Reading and Writing Academy Application
  2. Take the ECC Reading and Writing Placement Test
  3. Meet with a Summer Academy Counselor

In-Class 1 In-Class2