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Need help with registration? FYE is here to help! We have counselors and advisors that are ready to assist you with the registration process. 

Need a clearance? Please check below to fill out a prerequisite clearance form. You will be notified once you have been cleared. If there are issues with granting the clearance we will also reach out to you.

Steps for Clearances

  1. If a student believes a course taken at another college or university meets the prerequisite for an ECC course in which they wish to enroll, the student may submit a Prerequisite Clearance Form and appropriate documentation for review.
  2. To submit a Prerequisite Clearance Form, please complete the form below 
  3. Make sure that all attachments have your identifying information - name, student ID number, etc.  Clearances with incomplete documents will be delayed and/or denied.

Submit a Prerequisite Clearance

Counselors are available for online drop-in!  You must use Google Chrome or Firefox (Safari, phones and tablets are not supported)


FYE Online Counseling

Want to take an Overload of Units this upcoming semester? 

If you are planning on taking an overload of units this upcoming semester (more than 18 units in the fall) fill out the form below and schedule to meet with an FYE counselor during drop-in. If approved, the counselor will sign-off on the form and you must submit it to the admissions office. It is your responsibility to send the complete form to the admissions office:

Overload Petition Form

If you are planning to repeat a class for a third time, you will need to submit a course repetition form. If it is only a second attempt you do not need to fill out this form.

Repeat Petition

If your counselor determines that you should take the Chemistry Placement exam you will need to register using the link below. 

After submitting a form to register, you will receive a confirmation email 2 business days with further instruction. Please note the following:    

  • The exam will take place on CANVAS
  • You will have a total of 60 minutes to complete the exam. 
  • The exam CANNOT be repeated.

What you will need for the exam: 

  • A photo ID (student ID, driver's license, passport, etc) 
  • A pencil
  • A piece of scratch paper (to be torn and trashed at the end of the exam)
  • A scientific calculator 
  • Your El Camino College log in information: ECC email and password

Register for Chemistry Placement Exam

Having Issues with your MyECC account (such as with login, resetting your password or other issues)? Use the links below!

Holds for Fees

If you owe fees you may have a hold on your account that will prevent you from registering from classes. You can pay fees through your MyECC account.

If you already paid all fees owed, but still have a hold, then make sure to contact the cashiers office as soon as possible. You can contact them at Make sure to include your ECC ID number.


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Summer 2020

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