Honors Transfer Forms
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Honors Transfer Program Forms

You can now complete the following forms online. Please read the instructions carefully then click the link to complete the online form. Once the form is submitted you will receive a confirmation. Please allow one week after you submit the form to receive correspondence from our office. If you have not received any notification with 7-10 business days, contact the Honors Transfer Program office at (310) 660-3815.



An honors course is eligible to be banked if you do one of the following:

  1. Take an honors course in the winter or summer or
  2. Take more than one honors course during any semester

Honors courses can be banked only during a semester when you are NOT ABLE to take an honors course. In addition, honors courses can only be banked for future semesters. For example: an honors course completed in the winter can be banked for spring or any semester after winter. An honors course taken in the winter cannot be banked for the previous fall semester or any semester that occurs before the banked course was taken.

There is no limit on the number of honors courses that can be banked. For example: a student can take 3 honors courses in one semester, one for the current semester and 2 left over to bank.

To bank an honors course CLICK HERE.



You are only allowed submit a reinstatement request form twice while you are in the program. You will be suspended from the Honors Transfer Program for the following reasons:

  1. You are not currently in an honors course.
  2. You have not attended a workshop during the semester.
  3. Your transferrable GPA drops below 3.1.

 Reasons that your request would be denied are as follows:

  1. You were never suspended
  2. You will attend a workshop but have not done so before submitting the form
  3. At the time you submit your online form, your TRANSFERABLE GPA is below the minimum 3.1 requirement.
  4. The transcript that you uploaded is unreadable or does not reflect the cumulative transferrable GPA.

To submit a Reinstatement request CLICK HERE.



Once you have registered for your last honors class (this usually occurs around November of every year), you must turn in your HTP completion form. You would submit an online form for the following reasons:

  1. Submitting an online completion form will ensure that you receive a permanent notation on your ECC transcript. (COMPLETED THE HONORS TRANSFER PROGRAM)
  2. Submitting an online completion form will ensure that you receive an invitation to our annual completion ceremony held in the spring.
  3. In April, we forward a list of the names to admissions of everyone that has completed the Honors Transfer Program. We gather this information from the completion form. This process will ensure that your name is listed in a special area of the graduation program.

You MUST submit an online Completion form after your register for winter/spring if:

  1. You have completed all 5 honors courses or your last honors class will be in the winter or spring
  2. You will be attending your last workshop(s) in the spring
  3. You have not completed two counseling appointments and will provide proof of counseling in winter or spring
  4. You are currently in your last honors course (fall) and have not received a final grade for the course.

To submit an online Completion Form CLICK HERE.