Prospective HTP Students
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For Prospective HTP Students

What is Honors at the College Level?

El Camino College’s Honors Transfer Program is a member of the National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC). Use the links below to explore NCHC pages that define "Honors" across the many colleges involved in Honors education.

What is Honors?

Definition of an Honors Education

 Who is eligible to apply to the Honors Transfer Program?:

If you are applying during your final year in high school, you need:

  • A minimum 3.1 overall high school UNWEIGHTED GPA.
  • Eligibility for, or completion of, English 1A.

If you are applying once you have already begun college at ECC, you need:

  • A minimum 3.1 cumulative GPA in at least 9 transferrable units at ECC. To see if your units are transferrable, click here
  • Eligibility for, or completion of, English 1A.

If you are an ECC student who is currently in the process of completing the 9 transferrable units and/or achieving the minimum GPA, and believe that you will achieve that goal during the current semester, you may complete a Grade Progress Report to turn in along with your application. This report should include your current grade in all of your classes with your instructors’ signatures, and should be completed around Week 8 of the semester. You can pick this form up in the HTP office in SSC 102F, or you may download it here and print it.

How to Apply to the Honors Transfer Program: To apply to the HTP, students must pick up a copy of the current Student Handbook, available in our office in SSC 102F.  The application and directions appear at the end of the handbook. Please read the entire handbook very carefully before you apply. 

Other tips and reminders for applying:

  • Do your best writing in the application essay. Be sure that you respond directly to the prompt that you select, that you write multiple paragraphs using what you have learned about writing in previous English classes, that you spell check and grammar check, and that you revise and proofread.
  • Be sure that you earn 100% on the open-book test—that is our expectation!
  • Be sure that you turn in your complete application packet in the order in which we ask for it.

How much time do I need to complete the HTP?: The ideal amount of time to spend in the HTP is two years (4 semesters), but we recognize that there are very talented, motivated students who are not ready to join the HTP until they have been at ECC for a semester or two. Thus, you may join the program at whatever time you like during your ECC career, as long as you have at least one year (2 full semesters) to complete it. If you are applying to UCLA, however, there are other limitations about what classes you can take in your final semester—see the Student Handbook and/or speak with a transfer counselor for more information.