Virtual Commencement FAQ
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2020 Virtual Commencement FAQ

Below are a list of frequently asked questions regarding the 2020 Commencement Ceremony which will be held remotely. If you have any additional questions, contact

When is the deadline to participate in the virtual ceremony?
The deadline to participate in El Camino's 73rd annual commencement ceremony was May 30, 2020 (view participation info here). You are still welcome to participate in the 2021 commencement ceremony if you missed this deadline.

Is this ceremony mandatory?
No, this is a voluntary optional celebration and you are not required to purchase a cap and gown.

I can’t log into my ECC email address to get the information about commencement. How do I log in?
Contact El Camino College’s IT help desk at

I can access my ECC email address but I have not received the commencement email invite. What do I do?
Email and a staff member will assist you.

Do I have to record my name?
Recording of your name is optional but please provide a phonetic spelling of your name by Wednesday, May 20, 2020 to have your name read out loud during the ceremony. 

What do you use my recording for?
To make sure that your name is pronounced correctly during the ceremony.

Do I have to upload a photo or message?
Yes, you must upload a photo or include a message by Saturday, May 30, 2020 to participate in the virtual ceremony.  We encourage submission of both a photo and message. Please see commencement webpage for guidance on photo and message submission.

When is the deadline to submit my name recording?
Wednesday, May 20, 2020. 

Where do I buy my cap and gown?
If you would like a cap and gown, go to to order your regalia. Cap and gown orders generally ship in 5-7 business days. Herff Jones cannot guarantee delivery by a specific date. All efforts will be made to ship your order quickly.

When do I wear my cap and gown?
You may wear it during the virtual commencement ceremony to celebrate. If you receive your cap and gown before Saturday, May 30, 2020, we suggest you take a photo of yourself wearing your cap and gown and upload that photo.

If I don’t buy a cap and gown, what do I wear in my photo?
We encourage you wear any attire appropriate for a graduation ceremony in your photo. Please consider lighting and the background in your image. And smile! Photos that capture graduates from the waist up work best. You’re welcome to wear your cap and gown from prior graduation ceremonies (high school, etc.).

I am graduating with honors. Where can I buy an honors tassel?
Students graduating with honors can purchase an honors tassel online via the Bookstore website. You can view video instructions here. Admissions will verify that the student meets honors requirements before the Bookstore processes their purchase.

Where can I purchase graduation items?
All available graduation items are available at Orders generally ship in 5-7 business days. Herff Jones cannot guarantee delivery by a specific date. All efforts will be made to ship your order quickly.

Will I get my degree and/or certificate mailed to my house?
Yes. You will receive it in late October 2020.

Where can I get more information about graduation and my degree/certificate?
View the Admissions Graduation web page for more information.

I want to attend an in-person ceremony. How can I do that?
All 2020 graduates are welcome to participate in the Spring 2021 Commencement Ceremony. If you would like information regarding the 2021 ceremony, contact and provide your name, student ID number, and personal (non-ECC email address). Information about commencement participation will be emailed to you in Spring 2021.

In addition, information about the 2021 ceremony will be posted on the Commencement web page in mid-April 2021.