HeART Facts
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HeART Facts

Below you will find facts and important people from the past and present of LGBTQIA+ culture. Feel free to download these images as virtual backgrounds or desktop images. We also encourage departments and divisions to post a heart on their webpage to help us celebrate Pride Week 2020!


Audre Lorde Heart Fact


Audre Lorde was a black, lesbian poet who focused her work on racism, feminism, homophobia, and classism. She proclaimed her work came from an intersectional reality of the world she lived in and in the navigation of understanding the black female identity.

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Alan Turing Heart Fact


Alan Turing was a computer scientist/mathematician, father of theoretical computer science and AI. He aided in the war effort of WWII, working alongside other mathematicians in developing systems and making great strides in electrical technology. Despite his contribution and influence, he was still criminally charged for his identity.

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Jaiyah Saelua Heart Fact


Jaiyah Saelua is an American Samoan soccer player, and the first non-binary player to compete in a FIFA qualifier. They identify as “Fa’afafine”, a third gender integral to Samoan culture.

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Michael Dillon Heart Fact


Michael Dillon was an English doctor who, between 1946-1949, underwent 13 surgeries to become the first trans man to receive a phalloplasty.

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Marsha P. Johnson Heart Fact


Marsha P. Johnson was a gay rights activist and self identified drag queen. She was one of the most prominent people who participated in the Stonewall Riots and the ACT UP direct action group. She and her friend Sylvia Rivera created Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries (STAR), a gay and transgender sex worker advocacy organization

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Wings Heart Fact


Wings is an American silent film, set during WWI. Lauded during its time for its realism and technical skill, it won the first Oscar for Best Picture when the award debuted in 1929. It features one of, if not the first, instance of two men kissing on screen.

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Roy and Silo Heart Fact


Roy and Silo are two male chinstrap penguins who formed a same-sex pair bond in 1998. Together they raised a chick named Tango, who later went on to form a same-sex bond herself. The two eventually separated in 2005, with Silo forming another bond with a female and Roy joining a group of bachelors.

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Sappho Greek Poet Heart Fact

Circa 630-570 BCE

Sappho was an ancient Greek poet from the island of Lesbos (where the term “lesbian” derives from); her work is highly scrutinized for the nature of her relationships with other women.

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Virginia Woolf Heart Fact


Virginia Woolf was an English 20th-century writer notorious for her use of “stream of consciousness” as a literary device. Her work is central, or rather, the foundation of feminist analysis of literature.

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Billie Holiday Heart Fact


Billie Holiday was a well-known Jazz singer of the 20s and 30s. In her youth, she recorded music with some of the greatest swing artists of her time and famously had relationships with both men and women, most notably, starlet Tallulah Bankhead.

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