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Associated Students Organization (ASO) Discount Sticker/Student Activities Fee 

Check out the benefits of buying the ASO Sticker!

Buy Now & Save!

The $15 bi-annual ASO Discount Sticker/Student Activities Fee offers a variety of benefits, including restaurants, discount movie theater and amusement park tickets. Theater and park tickets can be purchased at The Marsee Auditorium Ticket Office, where all tickets are sold, during its regular operating hours, 10 a.m.- 6 p.m. Monday thru Friday. On-campus benefits include access to Student Activities Center events, free admittance to all campus athletic events and a discount on tickets to district-sponsored Center for the Arts events.

Off-campus benefits include discounts for products and services to local restaurants, beauty and fitness services, computer and printing services, clothing accessories, etc. To learn more and where you can save, check out the ASO Discounts.

When can I buy or decline the ASO Sticker/Student Activities Fee?

Students, faculty, staff and alumni may buy the ASO sticker anytime. The best time to buy is during enrollment for the primary terms Fall and Spring. The fall sticker is valid through the winter session and the Spring sticker is valid through the entire summer.

A student may decline the $15.00 ASO Sticker Fee/Student Activities Fee when enrolling on-line for classes. To locate the 'opt-out' button, When registering go to PARKING AND ASO MENU, select TERM, at the option select CHOOSE YOUR ASO DISCOUNT STICKER OPTION, press submit, it will state WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO DO?, press Submit, then select I DO NOT WANT ECC ASO $15.00, submit. Be sure to follow instructions precisely. Or, if the sticker was mailed to you, return the ASO sticker  to  the Cashier's Office by the second Friday of the new primary semester for a refund. After that grace period the ASO/Student Activities Fee is Non-Refundable!

How can I get the ASO sticker?

Students can buy the ASO sticker online when they enroll during the primary terms (fall and spring). The ECC Cashier's Office then mails your ASO sticker to the address on record in the Admissions and Records Office. Make sure your address is current so that you receive your sticker.

Staff, faculty, alumni and students may also purchase the $15 sticker at the Cashier's Office located outside on the southeast corner of the Bookstore or at the Marsee Auditorium Ticket Office windows outside on the  southeast corner of the Marsee Auditorium. They will hand you the current sticker that should be placed on your ECC ID card. Once purchased you are automatically entered in the ASO primary semester drawing. After receiving that winning phone call, pick up your fun and valuable prizes, with your current ASO sticker, at the SDO/Photo I.D. office located in MBBM (Manhattan Beach Boulevard Modules) #131.

Money raised by the Student Activities Fee / ASO Discount Sticker 

Funds from the Student Activities Fee, Also referred to as the ASO Discount Sticker, help support and finance co-curricular activities for the college. Such activities include but are not limited to student government,  the Union newspaper, clubs, campus performances, athletic teams and the debate team. 

Where is the ASO Discount Headquarters Office located?

We are located in the Student Development Office located in MBBM (Manhattan Beach Boulevard Modules) #131. Questions are answered Monday through Thursday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. For more information, contact us at 310-660-3593 x3502 or email Lawrence at If enquiring about tickets or ticket prices Only the Marsee Auditorium Ticket Office can assist you! All tickets are sold at the Marsee ticket office, 1(800) 832-ARTS.