Student Success Program Advisors
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Student Success Program Advisors

Ask questions about your academic standing, make an appointment with a counselor, and get information about completing a SSP workshop online.

If we are not online please click here to visit our website for additional information.


Angie's Chat Hours:

Mondays 11am-12pm & 3pm-4pm 

Tuesdays 10am-11am & 4pm-5pm 

Wednesdays 9am-10am

Thursdays 8am-9am

Fridays 10am-11am

Video chat on Cranium Cafe with Angela Hagan


Martha's Chat Hours:

Mondays 9am-10am

Tuesdays 2pm-3pm

Wednesdays 1pm-2pm & 4pm-5pm 

Thursdays 11am-12pm & 4pm-5pm 

Fridays 12pm-1pm

Video chat on Cranium Cafe with Martha Perez