Student Success and Support Program (SSSP)
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Student Success and Support Program (SSSP)

The El Camino College District committed to increasing student access and success through the completion of the core services, with the goal of providing students with the support necessary to assist them in achieving their educational goals. The core services are Orientation, Assessment, and Educational Planning. Completion of the core services is required for priority registration eligibility.

Student Success and Support Program (SSSP) is a process that enhances student access to the California Community Colleges and promotes and sustains the efforts of credit students to be successful in their educational endeavors. The goals of SSSP are to ensure that all students complete their college courses, persist to the next academic term, and achieve their educational objectives through the assistance of the student-direct components of the SSSP process: admissions, orientation, assessment and testing, counseling, and student follow-up.

SSSP Handbook PDF

SSSP Handbook cover

All new, non-exempt students are required to complete orientation prior to assessment. Online Orientation is a multime­dia presentation available on the Counseling Department webpage.

Topics include:

  • Campus Policies & Procedures
  • Academic expectations
  • Educational Program Information
  • Campus resources and special programs
  • Maintaining registration priority


The Assessment/Testing Center provides English and math assessments for placement in appropriate courses based on the students’ skill levels. Assessment is required for all new non-exempt students. Placement recommendations are provide to help students plan their course sequencing. Visit the Assessment/Testing Center webpage for more information.

Educational Planning

Abbreviated Student Educational Plan: Once students have completed orientation and assessment, they can to attend a Counseling appointment and obtain abbreviated student educational plan.

Comprehensive Student Educational Plan: Before completing 15 units, or their third semester, students must declare a course of study and complete a comprehensive student educational plan.

Student Success Act of 2012

SB 1456 was the first step in the implementation of Student Success Task Force recommendations 2.2 (mandated services), 3.2 (BOG Fee Waiver conditions), and 8.2 (Student Support Initiative). This bill provides a policy framework that targets funding to the core matriculation services of orientation, assessment, counseling and advising, and development of education plans. The bill re-names the Matriculation program as the Student Success and Support Program.


Three-term Persistence in First Three Terms

  Fall 2014 Cohort Fall 2015 Cohort
Ready 81% 79%
Not Ready 59% 61%
Total 71% 72%

30 Units Completed by the End of Second Year

  Fall 2014 Cohort Fall 2015 Cohort
Ready 63% 62%
Not Ready 44% 41%
Total 54% 54%

"Ready" students perform much better in three-term persistence and 30-unit completion than students that are "Not Ready."

*Ready students are first-time, full-time students who have completed all core services by the end of their first semester.