Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) and Loss of BOGFW
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Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) and Loss of California College Promise Grant Policy and Appeal Process 


Students can use the same Appeal Form to appeal both Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) and/or the Loss of the California College Promise Grant. The completed Appeal Form along with any supporting documentation must be submitted to the financial aid office.


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How do I appeal my Satisfactory Academic Progress status or the California College Promise Grant?

Students who lost their federal financial aid due to not meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress standards and/or students who lost the California College Promise Grant due to not meeting Academic and Progress Standards, can file an appeal. To get started and access the Satisfactory Academic Progress and California College Promise Grant Appeal Form, visit the Get SAP Portal. Please refer to the acceptable reasons for submitting an appeal as outlined in the Appeal Form.

The Appeal Form must be submitted with a current, counselor-approved comprehensive Education Plan or Lock-in-List (if applicable).

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Where can I complete the Appeal Form?

The Appeal Form must be typed. There are multiple locations on campus where you can access a computer. Please bring your El Camino Student ID with you for computer access.:

Financial Aid Computer Lab

Library (LMTC) - located in the Schauerman Library, East lower level

What is Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)?

Federal regulations require that all financial aid students meet minimum academic standards in order to receive financial aid payments. Minimum financial aid academic standards at El Camino College are defined in the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy.

Financial aid policies are in effect for all El Camino College students including students that have not applied for financial aid. 

For more information about federal Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) please view the Financial Aid TV (FATV) video below

What does SAP stand for?







What are the Academic and Progress standards for the California College Promise Grant?

The California College Promise Grant requires students to have a cumulative completion rate (progress) of more than 50% and a cumulative (academic) grade point average of 2.0 or higher to be eligible for the California College Promise Grant.

Loss of California College Promise Grant Information

 For more information about the California College Promise Grant please view the the Financial Aid TV (FATV) video below

Califronia College Promise Grant


What are some reasons why an appeal may not be granted?

 1. Encountering a situation that could have been anticipated, such as the need to have transportation, the need to pay for ordinary living expenses, the need for child care, etc.;

2. Dissatisfaction with course material, instructor, instructional method, or class intensity;

3. Lack of motivation or interest;

4. Participation in extracurricular activities;

5. Academic overload; or

6. Inability to problem-solve issues including loss of Internet service, repeated weather absences, and car repairs.


What supporting documentation should I submit with my appeal?

All Appeal Forms must include a counselor-approved educational plan and supporting documentation to verify the reason for the appeal.

 Below are some of the extenuating circumstances and examples of supporting documentation that may be considered for an appeal.


Acceptable Reason for Submitting Appeal

 Examples of Documentation

Illness, accident, or circumstance beyond student’s control

Documentation verifying onset or circumstance and duration of illness or situation (Doctor's note, hospital records, accident/police report, etc.)

 Death of an immediate family member

Death certificate, obituary notice, funeral program or other documentation supporting the circumstance

Newly diagnosed disability or complications with an existing disability which contributed to poor academic performance

Documentation verifying the situation (Documentation from the Special Resource Center)

Student with disabilities who applied for but did not receive accommodation in a timely manner

Attach requested accommodation documentation verifying the date and duration of the occurrence

Changes to economic situation

Documentation verifying the circumstances and dates of changes to economic situation

Evidence student was unable to obtain essential support services

Documentation verifying date and request for essential support services

Special consideration of factors for CalWorks, EOPS, DSPS and Veteran students

Documentation of situation to be reviewed for special consideration

Homeless or at-risk of becoming homeless

Documentation verifying the circumstance. Students who are unable to obtain documentation verifying homeless or at-risk of becoming homeless should contact the financial aid office to meet with the Homeless Youth Liaison.