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SEA Village Counseling Appointments

The SEA Village Counselors are available to assist students by:

  • Helping you develop an education plan
  • Providing you with guidance on what classes you need to transfer or graduate
  • Informing you of special programs and resources on campus
  • Helping you find a balance between your academic, professional and personal lives

The SEA Village Counselors also offer Drop-In Counseling on a first come, first served basis and is based on counselor availability. Counselors are only able to address questions with each Drop-In session lasting up to a maximum of 15 minutes.

How to Make an Appointment 

Students can make appointments with SEA Village Counselors in three ways:

  1. Call (310) 660-3593 x3812 during office hours.
  2. Come to the SEA Village (located in the new Student Services building).
  3. Make an appointment online:

Schedule an AppointmentPlease note: You can also schedule an appointment thru General Counseling:


 SEA Village Counselors

Video chat with SEA Village Counselors on Cranium Cafe
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