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MyECC, My Team Sites and Email Issues

El Camino College is in the process of updating the server for MyECC. If you are experiencing difficulties logging onto MyECC, please try the following:
  1. As we log onto the web and visit different Websites, including ECC’s, many sites store information in files called “cookies”. Cookies save your log-in data so that you do not have to type in the Web address information each time you visit a Website. With the update of El Camino College’s server, the saved log-in information for MyECC has changed. In order to log-in to MyECC you need to delete the stored information or “cookies” from your Web Browser, whether you use Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox Web Browser. 

    For detailed information on how to do this, click on this link.

    You can read about more tips on this link.

  2. After completing all of the steps to clear your Web Browser, close your Web Browser and then re-open it. Then log onto MyECC using your username and password.

    This link provides troubleshooting tips for this process:  including how to allow pop-ups in your Web Browser.
My Team Sites:

If you are having problems accessing “My Team Sites”, try clicking on the “refresh” button - the grey arrows located where My Team Sites should be. It should refresh itself, and the apple icon will appear. Email:
If you are trying to access your email, and cannot log into MyECC, an alternative solution is to type in your Web Browser. This will allow you to log into your email without having to go through MyECC.
We hope you find this information useful. If you continue to have issues logging onto MyECC, please contact the Helpdesk: and include any error messages you receive; or call 310-660-6571.

El Camino College Email Account: Outlook Notification “Mailbox is Full”
How to Manually Archive Email (PDF)