New Clubs
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Reestablish a Retired Club

Which Existing ECC Clubs May be Reestablished?

A club may be reestablished if:

  • The club's charter is in good standing and has not been revoked by the Inter-Club Council
  • The club's purpose has not changed
  • The club is composed of 10 or more registered ECC students who have purchased a current ASO sticker
  • The club has at least one ECC faculty adviser (it is recommended to contact the past adviser, but it is not mandatory for the adviser to be the same person)
  • The club members adhere to the club's existing constitution
  • Any revisions to the club's constitution must be done in accordance with provisions in the club's existing constitution     
  • A current copy of the club's constitution is filed in the Student Development Office

Procedures for Reestablishing an Existing Club

Submit How to Reestablish a Club containing the information of 10 club members and the club’s faculty adviser(s) to the Student Development Office. A copy of the club’s existing constitution must be attached to the petition. Upon verification of the 10 ECC student members, the ICC Review Board Commissioner will report the club’s activation to the Inter-Club Council (ICC) and file the petition and constitution in the Student Development Office. 

  1. Submit a Room Request online to schedule a meeting room on campus. Officer elections should take place during the first or second club meeting.
  2. After officer elections, complete and file a Club Registration form with the Student Development Office. This should be submitted each semester the club is active.

For more information, please contact the Student Development Office located in MBBM 131.

Phone: 310-660-3593, extension 3500