Adapted Physical Education
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 A note from Instructor Mark Lipe:

Dear Students:

First of all, I hope YOU, your FAMILY, and FRIENDS are all safe, healthy, and adjusting to our ways of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the recent outbreak of COVID-19 and El Camino College’s transition from Face-to-Face classes to Online course delivery is challenging for both students and instructors.  My physical education activity courses: PE 400 – Adapted Fitness, PE 401 – Adapted Strength Training, and PE 404 – Adapted Cardiovascular Fitness will ALL be transitioning to Distance Learning using our CANVAS platform beginning Tuesday, March 31st.  You should log onto our website and open CANVAS (located just right of MyECC) and sign in using your username and password which is the same when using MyECC.

Although the transition from our face-to-ace classroom scheduled times to online instruction may be challenging, I highly recommend that you give it a try and do what you can.  Be mindful that the school will provide refunds and will not post a “W” grade if and when a student drops the course on or before May 15.  I encourage you read the email that was sent to ALL students from the Office of Marketing and Communications on March 23, as it provides greater details about dropping courses and receiving refunds.  Please be patient with me as your instructor, as this is my first time teaching online.  I look forward to the challenges ahead and most importantly providing you with instruction and motivation for exercising at home.  If you decide to drop the course now, I fully understand.  If you drop, I hope you will return to our program in the near future when our face-to-face classes resume.  

As we proceed with distance learning this semester,  I recommend you log onto CANVAS on a regular basis, as you will receive educational handouts, exams, video clips, and announcements.  I will also reach out to students via email (ECC email addresses only) and/or phone calls to talk about your exercise programs and personal fitness goals during the remainder of the semester.  This weekly correspondence will coincide with your participation portion (50%) of your grade.

Please visit the El Camino College website on a regular basis to get updates on the COVID-19 pandemic and to receive information on academic and student services.

As we continue to practice social distancing and maintain proper hygiene, I hope everyone stays safe and healthy. 

If you have any questions, please email me at or leave me a phone message at 310-660-3593 x3810 and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • PE400 sections offered 8442, 8444, 8446, 8448
  • PE401 sections offered 8453, cancelled 8456
  • PE402 sections offered 8459, cancelled 8461
  • PE404 sections offered 8463, 8464
  • PE407 sections cancelled 8467
  • PE409 sections offered 8470

Best Wishes,

Mark Lipe


What is the Adapted Physical Education Program?

The Adapted Physical Education Program at El Camino College provides fitness opportunities in an educational setting for individuals with disabilities.  The program features personalized instruction in fitness and physical skills.  Activities include those to improve aquatic skills, cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, flexibility, and balance.  Exercise programs are designed to accommodate the needs and interests of each student.

What Do We Offer?

Bowling:  The Bowing Class is taught at the Gable House Bowl.  A variety of adaptive equipment is available, including ramps and specialized bowling balls.  Students will be instructed on keeping score, bowling terminology, league and tournament play, and skill improvement.

Fitness Classes:  Specialized equipment and expert instruction assist students in achieving their fitness goals.  Student and staff assistants help instructors provide guidance and assistance for Adapted Physical Education students.  Improving the understanding of exercise and its benefits are discussed.  Classes are located in the Adapted Physical Education Fitness Lab (Room PE 30).

Swimming and Hydro-Exercise Classes:  Two indoor heated pools provide opportunities for a variety of activities.  The shallow pool allows for swimming instruction and other ambulatory aquatic exercise activities.  The larger pool meets the needs of both accomplished swimmers and those who want to improve their level of  fitness and swimming skills.  Many students enjoy swimming and hydro-exercise because the water creates an ideal exercise environment.  Flotation devices and student assistants ensure safety and success.  Concepts in water exercise and swimming are also covered during the classes.

Yoga:  Adapted Yoga is geared towards anyone interested in learning about the integration of the body, breath and mind.  The class is ideal for students with disabilities.  The practice is individualized so that every student can benefit from moving the body in different ways, breathing deeply and integrating Yoga philosophy to make positive changes in your lifestyle.

How Do I Apply?

For more information or to attend El Camino College and participate in the Adapted Physical Education Program, contact the Adapted Physical Education office (310) 660-3593 ext. 3662 or the Special Resource Center (310) 660-3295.

The Special Resource Center is a component of El Camino College and serves more than 1,500 students with verifiable disabilities on a wheelchair-accessible campus.  Services include assistance technology, counseling, education development courses, interpreters, note taking services, and registration assistance.

For specific Adapted Physical Education classes, refer to the school catalog under Physical Education - 400 series.