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El Camino College has two types of probation: Academic Probation and Progress Probation. The purpose of probation is to encourage a student having academic difficulties seek appropriate guidance and support in formulating and achieving goals.

The Student Success Program (SSP) was created to assist students who may be facing academic difficulties. The Student Success Program offers counseling and advising, in addition to a variety of enhancement workshops, and can also connect you with additional support services to help you be successful in college.



Chat is available: Monday-Thursday

During Chat Hours You Can:

Ask questions regarding academic/progress probation

Complete a Probation Level 2 Contract

Get referrals to on/off campus resources



Angie's Chat Hours:

Mondays 10am-11am & 4pm-5pm


Tuesdays 10am-11am & 3:30pm-4:30pm


Wednesdays 1pm-2pm


Thursdays 2pm-3pm


Video chat on Cranium Cafe with Angela Hagan



Martha's Chat Hours:


Mondays 2pm-3pm


Tuesdays 8am-9am


Wednesday 11am-12pm & 3pm-4pm


Thursdays 9am-10am & 4pm-5pm


Video chat on Cranium Cafe with Martha Perez




Quote of the Month

"It's all about progress, not perfection"
David Perlumutter




The SSP participates in the Midterm Grade Reports each Spring and Fall semester to better assist with the resources available and to complete your probation requirements in order for you to have a successful semester and get back in good standing. If it is reported that you are currently receiving a Grade of D or F in one of your courses, you will be contacted by an SSP Advisor and will have to come in to meet with one of them or a counselor. It is important that you check your ECC email regularly for important notices, deadlines, and to check if you have received an ECC Connect tracking item from one your instructors or other faculty and staff.




Click on the FAQs icon to read through the probation/dismissal frequently asked questions.



Student Success Program Team

Dora Miranda, Counselor
Xiao Wang, Counselor
Angie Hagan, Advisor
Martha Perez, Advisor