Ab705: What Students Need to Know!
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AB705: What Students Need to Know

What is AB 705?

AB 705 is a bill that requires colleges to use multiple measures such as high school coursework and GPA as the primary determining factors for placement.


Research shows that assessments have historically been under placing students. 

California community colleges are required to maximize the probability that a student will enter and complete transfer-level coursework in English and math within a one year timeframe.

“Students are often held back by placement tests, becoming stuck in sequences that statistically ensure failure to transfer to higher education institutions”

  • You are far more likely to pass transfer-level math and English if you start at transfer-level.
  • Your high school transcripts are the best predictors of your likelihood to succeed at transfer-level.
  • You know what you are capable of and should not be told by a single test that you are not ready for transfer-level work.

AB705 FAQ's

When will AB 705 be implemented?

El Camino College has began some implementation in Fall 2018 and will be fully implemented by Fall 2019.

Who can benefit from AB 705?

  • New and continuing students who have not completed any transfer level math or English
  • Attended high school for 3 or more years
  • Graduated from U.S. high school

What if I already completed transfer level math and English?

Congratulations! There is nothing more you need to do at this time regarding your assessment.

Are there students not able to take advantage of this opportunity at EL Camino College, what can they do?

There are special populations of students who might not be able to provide qualifying high school data for assessment and placement. These students include but are not limited to: international students, ESL (English as a Second Language) students, students with foreign transcripts, non high-school graduates, students who have passed the GED or the California High School Proficiency Exam, and home schooled students. There will be more direction for these student populations in the near future.

For now, students in these groups should consult an ECC academic counselor:

http://www.elcamino.edu/student/studentservices/counseling/appointments.aspx or 

Visit the Assessment Center: http://www.elcamino.edu/admissions/assessment

How will my placement be determined?  

This new process allows placement to be based on multiple measure such as:

  • High school coursework
  • High school grades
  • High school grade point average

What if I can't obtain my high school performance information?

If a student is unable to obtain their high school transcript a student may self-report high school transcript information.

 How can I get started?

  1. Take the English and Math placement survey on MyECC
  2. Schedule an appointment with a counselor to review your options
  3. Register for your new placed courses!

Student Narratives

“I think it's advantageous to students because it allows them to bypass any remedial classes so that they don’t have to necessarily waste a semester, and more importantly money and time.”

— Johnny Cadena, 22, business major

“I’m so grateful that I didn't get trapped in remedial courses I didn't need. I got an A in College Statistics, and now I am on my way to earning a degree... Every student deserves this kind of opportunity.”

— Andres Salazar, Student, College of the Canyons

(source: The Campaign for College Opportunity)

Questions? Schedule an appointment with a counselor at: