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Photo ID FAQ

Please read the following frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding El Camino College student photo IDs for Spring 2021, Summer 2021, and Fall 2021 semesters. 

I am a new student. Do I need an El Camino College (ECC) student photo ID ?

You do not need a college ID card unless you plan to access Warrior Pantry services or are enrolled in the Nursing, Radiological Technology, Respiratory Care, or Emergency Medical Technician program.

Students who visit the Warrior Pantry will be provided instructions on how to get a photo ID upon their first visit.

Students who belong to one of the above programs should scroll down to read more about how to get an ID card for their employment/academic internship site.

For more information about the Warrior Pantry, visit the Warrior Pantry webpage.  

Do I need an ECC student photo ID to attend classes?

No. However, you may need to know your student ID number and provide another form of photo ID (i.e. state ID, driver’s license, passport) to verify your identity when accessing services.

For Canvas, your identity is verified by logging in using your ECC username and password.

What do I use the photo ID for on campus?

Warrior Pantry: You will need to show your ECC photo ID and/or know your student ID number. For more information visit the Warrior Pantry webpage

Library: You would normally need to use the photo ID at the Library for printing, checking out books and materials, and borrowing calculators and laptops. Currently, the library will only be lending calculators and laptops, and you will not need your ECC photo ID. However, you will need to know your student ID number and provide another form of photo ID (i.e. state ID, driver’s license) to the Library staff. The Library also has many digital journals, videos, and books that you can access through the Library webpage with your MyECC log in.

Computer Labs and other services: check each area to see if they are offering in-person services.

How do I prove to  professors, employers, or companies offering student discounts that I am enrolled in El Camino College courses without a photo ID?

You can show the following two items:

  1. Proof you are taking classes - a copy of your class schedule, which is available on MyECC (free and can be accessed immediately) OR Enrollment Verification provided by Admissions & Records (may include a fee and several days to complete the transaction) AND
  2. Government-issued photo ID - examples include state ID, driver’s license, passport, etc.

How do I find my student ID number and/or class schedule?

Go to Find your Student ID Number for instructions. 

How do I show or prove that I purchased the ASO Benefits Pass?

Follow the directions below and take a screenshot on your phone or print out a copy with your computer:

  • Go to MyECC and click on “Financial Information”
  • Click on “View Account and make Payments”
  • Click on “Student Finance”
  • Click on “Account Summary”
  • Click on “Current semester” (Select Spring or Fall Only)
  • Click “Charges”
  • Search for ASO (ASB) Fee 

For screenshots and more details regarding this process, go to Proof of ASO Benefits Pass Purchase.

My employment or academic internship site requires an ECC photo ID. How do I obtain a photo ID?

Students and employees working in essential jobs, as determined by the State Public Health Officer, who are mandated to have a college photo ID for employment or academic reasons may request an ECC Photo ID through their professor, Dean, or supervisor. The professor, Dean, or supervisor will contact the Student Development Office by emailing sdo@elcamino.edu to consider their request.

Only students in the following programs can request an appointment to obtain an ID card: nursing, radiological technology, respiratory care, and emergency medical technician students.

If you are notified that you may take a photo ID, you will be given a date and time to come to the Student Development Office. Make sure you bring the following items listed in How to Get a Photo ID. Staff and faculty will need to know their employee ID number.

How do I prove my employment at ECC without a photo ID?

Current and former employees can contact Human Rescources to request proof of employment.


For more information, please contact the Student Development Office by calling (310) 660-3500 or emailing sdo@elcamino.edu.