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How to Get a Photo ID

At this time, photo IDs will only be issued to faculty, staff, and students in the following programs: nursing, radiological technology, respiratory care, and emergency medical technician students. You can use other methods to prove you are a current El Camino College student. See the Photo ID FAQ for more information.

El Camino College (ECC) photo ID cards can be used by students to access campus services, verify their identity, and obtain student discounts at various businesses. Photo IDs are free of charge to students as well as replacements (if your card is lost or damaged).

New students must:

  • Be registered in a class for at least 48 hours
  • Bring a current, valid driver's license or another form of photo ID (i.e. passport, state ID, high school ID)
  • Know their 7-digit El Camino College student ID number 

If you do not know your 7-digit student ID number, go to Find your Student ID Number.

Continue to use your ID card instead of getting a new one each semester!