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Program Counselors

You can chat with a counselor online (no appointment is required). Simply click Knock on Door on the counselor’s card if you see a green light. You can also make an appointment with a counselor by clicking on the Schedule Appointment calendar on the counselor’s card.

Please note educational plans can not be made during the chat session.

Programs and Departments


Chat with a counselor in the athletic department.

Career Center

Talk through your future career with a counselor in the career center.

Financial Aid

Questions about how to pay for college? Find a Financial Aid counselor.

International Students

Chat with an international student counselor or reserve a time to meet.

Project Success

Make an appointment or chat with a counselor in the Project Success program.


Discover opportunities for leadership or mentorship and chat with a Project Puente counselor.

Student Success Program (Probation)

Find out how to return to good academic standing. Meet with an SSP counselor.

Transfer Center

Have questions about transferring? Connect with a Transfer Center counselor.


Connect with the resource center or speak with a counselor in our Veterans program.