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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions related to World Back to Work (WBTW) and the campus entry and health screening process.

  1. How do I access the Total Safety Platform/World Back to Work portal? Is it on the ECC website?
    Create your account and complete your profile.
  2. If you are a staff member and have proof of vaccination will you still be required to test weekly?
    No, you are not required to test but in order to bypass testing your vaccination card must be uploaded in the Total Safety platform.
  3. Is there a video overview that introduces the new protocol? 
    Yes, the link to the original Zoom Informational Session is located on the World Back to Work page on the El Camino College website. 
  4. May I utilize the new fitness center for my Physical Fitness classes in the Fall?
  5. As someone who is vaccinated, am I allowed to be tested for COVID- 19 as well?
    You are not required, but you may if you wish. It is not necessary.
  6. This model assumes everyone has a cell phone. How will people be monitored who don’t have a cell phone?
    Kiosks and tablets will be provided at the Screening Stations and will be available for use for anyone who doesn’t have a personal mobile device.
  7. There are many ways to get on campus. I noticed that the south side of the campus has a check in station at the Math Building. However, that leaves the athletic area open and the Marsee Auditorium area open. What is being done to make sure that anyone who comes on campus will be directed to the proper place?
    Signage and anyone that came through a designated entrance should have an appropriate wristband.
  8. When does the World Back to Work check-in process go into effect?
    Monday, July 19, 2021 at 7 a.m.
  9. When will we be given access to the platform and information to upload our information?
    It will be activated on Thursday, July 15, 2021.
  10. I am on campus now. Do I still continue to complete the Medicat questionnaire until WBTW is implemented?
  11. Will entry screening be part of an employee’s work schedule or are they expected to arrive earlier for this? For those who may need to wait for results, does this also count as part of work schedule?
    Health screenings and any necessary COVID testing are a requirement in order to enter campus buildings to do their job and therefore will be paid as part of an employee’s work time.
  12. How much flexibility is there in the kiosk location? Those who take public transportation may not clearly see locations of screening area.
    Entry screening can be augmented over time but we do not intend to change the locations in the summer.
  13. Will we also be sent a link for the COVID-19 screening for visitors?
    No, visitors will be directed via signage and personnel what they will need to do upon entering campus.
  14. How long will these protocols be in place? Fall 2021? Spring 2022?
    As of now these protocols will be in place indefinitely.
  15. What options are available to students and faculty (tenured and non- tenured) who choose not to participate in these protocols?
    Students who choose not to participate in these protocols will not be allowed into campus buildings. Students should inform their instructor if they will be absent from class. Faculty and staff who choose not to participate in these protocols should inform their supervisor if they will be absent from work.
  16. Why are there no entry screening stations by the 5-story parking structure on the West side of campus by the Redondo Beach Blvd entrance (by Softball/Tennis/Sand Volleyball courts/new gyms)? Also, by the Marsee Auditorium?
    We chose entry screening locations based on the classes being offered this summer and building locations. We are continuously optimizing the process. Locations may change or added based on the amount of persons entering campus.
  17. Does the entry process include athletes? Is the process different for the athletic teams?
    The process does include athletes but may change in the future.
  18. Do students get a specific wrist band for a specific building?
    No, the wristband is specific to the day. Once you get a wristband you can go in any open building for that day.
  19. How do you get a class cleared for being held on campus?
    Instructors should share with their Dean their preference for teaching on campus. The Dean shall take under consideration the Instructor’s preference when making class assignments.
  20. Do faculty/staff follow the same process for entry as everyone else?
    Yes, this is the process that ALL individuals must follow to enter campus.
  21. Is this process that is being set up for the Fall semester will also be used during the Winter and Spring semesters also?
    This process will be used for Fall, Winter, Spring unless Covid safety is deemed unnecessary.
  22. What if someone (faculty/staff/student/visitor) says no, they don't want to go through the screenings?
    They will not receive a wristband and not be allowed in any buildings.
  23. I had a question about the bracelets - whether they get reused or thrown away? Will there be a station to recycle them or clean for the following week?
    Wristbands are disposable and will not be reused.
  24. Given current mutations and strains of the virus and possible lack of protection by vaccines, can vaccinated employees opt in to weekly testing?
  25. Some individuals who have not been vaccinated would prefer to not be singled out with the green bracelets vs. blue bracelets. As a manager, how can I support these individuals?
    Everyone will get the same color bracelet. The green and blue “passes” are only used online for WBTW records to track who is vaccinated andwho is not. Only the user, WBTW and screening station workers will know who has a blue or green pass.
  26. What is going to happen after September 30, 2021 regarding the 2021 COVID-19 Supplemental Paid Sick Leave (SB 95) if we should be required to quarantine, become ill with COVID, or need to care for someone with COVID? Since we are returning to campus, will that be extended for employees? Will we have to use our regular sick time/vacation time?
    Contact Human Resources to discuss your leave options.
  27. What happens if someone does not have a smartphone to upload the app?
    There will be computer kiosks available at the Screening Stations for individuals to use.
  28. How much additional time will this take? Will unvaccinated folks have to come to campus an hour to two hours earlier to receive a test and get results? Will faculty be compensated for this additional time? The entry screening protocol will take a little longer but not everyone will have a rapid test every day.
    First-time unvaccinated individuals will have a sample collected for pooled testing that will take 5min; only time rapid test is needed on campus is if you're a part of positive pool, fail entry screening due to high temps. or questionnaire answers.
  29. I would like to know if after screening and taking the COVID-19 test, do unvaccinated and healthy students get to go without a mask. After they test negative and pass the screening.
    Please visit the Keep Warriors Safe page of the ECC website for the current guidelines on mask usage.
  30. I would also like to know if masks are still required inside classrooms. Because after June 15 that and social distancing shouldn't be a thing anymore.
    Please visit the Keep Warriors Safe page of the ECC website for the current guidelines on mask usage.
  31. Are students considered visitors or is this just for staff/faculty/administration, and visitors do not mean students?
    Any employees or people registered for the current session are not considered visitors.
  32. For the testing stations with company personnel, will there be sign language Interpreters available for Deaf Staff/Faculty?
    Anyone requiring work accommodations should contact the ADA Compliance Officer in Risk Management.
  33. Are the test sites that have been established on campus accessible for wheelchair users?
    Yes, all locations are outside.
  34. How early should unvaccinated students arrive before their class to move through the check points that are set up?
    Plan for some extra time to get through entry screening but not everyone who enters campus will need a rapid test every day.
  35. A lot of the students, especially the athletes, park in Lot H. A lot of students come into campus that way as well as from Lot J through the area between Behavioral and Social Science and the main auditorium. Why is there not an entrance station there?
    Entrance stations were based on the location of summer classes.
  36. What time will these stations open? There are people in my area who get to work at 6:30 a.m. Will stations be open by that time?
    Stations will open at 7 a.m. Supervisors of work units that have start times that are outside of WBTW’s normal schedule should contact WBTW’s COVID Compliance Officer, Ashley Smith to discuss alternative arrangements. She may be reached at ECC@WorldBackToWork.com.
  37. If for some reason there is a huge line for entrance or testing and we are late for work or class, how will this be dealt with pertaining to the person’s supervisor or class instructor?
    Supervisors and instructors should exercise sound judgment and reasonableness as the entire College community adjusts to these new protocols.
  38. I am in group of people for the pool testing and someone in the pool tests positive and I am alerted. Does that mean I have to leave my work station in my department and immediately go to a testing area? What if I am the only person in the office and the office can’t be closed? Also is the time used to go back over to take the test for this counted as work time or the employee’s time?
    The health and safety of the campus community is of the highest priority and may require some employees to leave their work station in order to get tested as part of contact tracing protocols. In such cases, employees should immediately inform their supervisor and the supervisor will decide how to handle operations.
  39. Will all of the buildings be accessible for staff and faculty beginning July 19?
    Yes, for now, buildings will be accessible to staff and faculty to prepare for the campus for the pending return of students. All services of the Student Services Building will be provided on the first floor, Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. The Warrior Welcome Center and its computer lab will also be open for in-person registration and support. The entire Student Services Building will reopen on Monday, August 2, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Masks must be worn while in the Student Services Center at all times.
  40. Kid’s College is returning to campus in July 2021. Will those "students" (high school, elementary school children) be asked the same questions and go through the same procedures? Many of these children will be attending for several days and will be in and out of the campus buildings - using classrooms and restrooms.
    Yes, minors will need to go through entry screening and testing with their parent’s consent.
  41. For the COVID Testing - those who are tested on campus, will they have to wait for the results before entering the buildings or roaming around campus?
    Yes, they will need to wait for results before entering building.
  42. Many people come to campus - just to walk around and "hang out." Community members come and walk dogs or animals on campus. Would they need to be tested too?
    No, they are considered visitors and will have to go through health questionnaire and temp check to enter building.
  43. If I have a medical condition; can I ask my professor to be fully online and not go into campus? I just have this one class on fall 2021 before I transfer/graduate from ECC.
    Students who require a classroom accommodation should contact the Student Resource Center.
  44. While filling out the WBTW private link for the first time a question came up about pain or pressure in chest and I answered yes. I have had respiratory issues for about 7 years now. Every day I have pain when breathing but have been through a bunch of tests with no final diagnosis other than it may be cat allergies. Do I restart the questionnaire and answer no and only answer yes when the pain is different or deeper than the pain I’ve had for 7+ years?
    No. Always answer the questions honestly and go through the proper protocols. If this remains a chronic issue, we will work with you.
  45. I have a question regarding the new procedures as they apply to visitors to campus and whether staff is responsible for informing them of procedures.
    There will be signage on campus to inform visitors of what they will need to do. Departments and divisions should discuss with supervisors, Unit Directors, and/or Area Vice Presidents what information is appropriate to provide visitors prior to their arrival on campus. There will also be signage on campus to inform visitors of what they will need to do while on campus and prior to entering a building.
  46. What is the average check-in time per person?
    This depends on whether a person has properly registered with WBTW and is vaccinated or not. Vaccinated individuals will be processed through the screening station much faster than a non-vaccinated person.
  47. What defines someone as a visitor?
    Anyone who is not an ECC student or employee is considered a campus visitor.


For any further questions, please email ECC@worldbacktowork.com.