Public Relations & Marketing: Social Media Succes

Are you following us on Facebook? How about Twitter, FourSquare, or YouTube? The fastest-growing segment on the college’s long list of online resources is social media. Research confirms what most of us see every day on campus – students are constantly in touch with each other via various social networks. The majority have cell phones, which are increasingly being used to access online social networks, which are quickly outpacing texting and email as the preferred mode of student communication.


Our award-winning social marketing program allows us to connect with students, employees, and the community in real time. We can quickly answer questions, announce events, provide support, and receive feedback from followers. Posts are updated several times a day.


The El Camino College Facebook page has more than 7,300 “likes,” which represent an average of 2,700 new likes per year from when we launched our Facebook page in 2009. Since we began with Twitter in April 2009, we have experienced a an average of 700 new followers per year.


The Public Relations & Marketing Department credits this success in part to frequent updates, quick responses, and departments and programs which share vital information that is then posted and shared. With such large followings in social media, we are able to reach a large segment of students. All departments/programs should send important information regarding upcoming events, deadlines, and good news to the Public Relations & Marketing Department so we may promote it on the college’s popular online social channels.


ECC’s Facebook and Twitter pages are also promoted on all printed material – from class schedules to advertising and Outreach materials – so ECC students choose to follow the college to stay up-to-date with pertinent information, and to connect with fellow students. We are pleased to see students use this feature as a way to keep up with the college, while keeping in touch with their classmates.