ECC Courtesy Shuttle: Summer Hours

Happy Summer! Please remember to be safe this summer! The El Camino College Courtesy Shuttle runs throughout the summer sessions: Monday through Thursday 5:30 to 10:00 p.m.


To contact the shuttle at ECC, call 310-660-3100 or ext 3100. Feel free to use any of the blue phones as well, or students can ask an instructor to make the call. From ECC Compton Center, just call 310-900-1600 or extension 2999. Students can also ask instructors to call. For more info, click here.


Be alert! Be prepared!

Please remember for your safety:      


Have keys in hand before walking to your car


Don’t walk alone - Use the buddy system


Always be aware of your surroundings – remember the use of listening devices and cell phones may significantly distract you


Use cautious judgment: meet new people, including classmates or colleagues, in public places; do not get into a car or go to out-of-the-way places with someone you do not know


Learn the location of “Code Blue” POLICE phones located throughout campus. These phones are directly linked to the college Police Department and are considered 911 priority lines. Students and staff are encouraged to utilize these phones for any emergency


In an emergency contact campus police by using one of the POLICE phones on campus; calling 911 from any pay phone on campus; or by calling 310-660-3100 from a cell phone
Night students and faculty are encouraged to park in the same general area as other faculty or students with night classes in their building; this provides the opportunity for a group of students and faculty to walk to their cars after dark


Immediately report any suspicious activity to campus police