Schauerman Library News

All are invited to check out the new offerings of the Schauerman Library. Go to the Millennium Online Catalog website ( to explore its newly acquired “Content Café.” The Content Café provides book jacket thumbnails for most of the books the library owns. Click on the thumbnail and find not only the full picture of the book cover, more information about the book such as: summary, table of contents, reviews, author notes, etc.


The library’s additional new online resources for the college community include:


1)    Literature Criticism Online: Poetry Criticism and Short Story Criticism provides online searchable versions of the standard reference books, Poetry Criticism and Short Story Criticism, and actually consists of two databases. Poetry Criticism provides literary analysis and commentary on poets and poems of all eras. Short Story Criticism provides analysis and commentary on major authors of short fiction and their works. The databases use a format that matches the look and feel of the print originals, but the coverage is more up-to-date than our holdings of the print volumes.
(Note: The print volumes will still be available in the Reference section of the Library.)


2)    “A Selection of Recommended websites” is a group of online, annotated listings of some websites that are useful for research and/or teaching purposes. The lists were developed as a result of a Fall 2010 Flex Day workshop given by Claudia Striepe and Moon Ichinaga. The lists are organized primarily by broad discipline or by type of website, include links, and will be updated/augmented on a regular basis.  

These resources are accessible to both on-campus and off-campus ECC users—see the “Article and Reference Databases” and “Other Online Resources” sections of the Library’s Web page at  For additional information, contact Moon Ichinaga, ECC Librarian, at x6482.