ECC Student Finds Success through MESA  

Khris ThorneKhris Thorne likes to say he’s had a class in almost every building at El Camino College. Because of various improvement projects from the 2002 Measure E facilities bond, the aerospace engineering major has been routed to different classrooms away from the usual science buildings, and that has made his college experience all the more interesting. “I really got to know the campus in the past few years, and I have met so many new people,” said Khris, who graduated with ECC’s Class of 2014 on May 16. “El Camino College has been great place to begin my college education. I feel ready for university-level classes. All my professors are wonderful and these classes are probably harder than what I will see at my four-year school.” More…

El Camino College Olympians

1948 Olympics – London
Track and Field
George Stanich High Jump Won a Bronze Medal

1952 Olympics – Helsinki

Water Polo
Urho Saari Head Coach
Bill Dornblazer Player
Jim Norris Player
Harry Bisby Player
Bob Hughes Player

1964 Olympics – Tokyo

Keith Erickson Player

1984 Olympics – Los Angeles

Flora “Flo” Hyman Player Won a Silver Medal

1992 Olympics – Barcelona

Track and Field
Myra Mayberry 100 and 400 meters Representing Puerto Rico.

1996 Olympics – Atlanta

Track and Field
Sharette Garcia 800 meters Representing Belize
Myra Mayberry 100 and 200 meters Representing Puerto Rico.

Sprint Kayaking
Cliff Meidel Team Member

2000 Olympics – Sydney

Sprint Kayaking

Cliff Meidel Team Member and Team USA Flag Bearer