Share a Ride to Work

Give up solo driving at least eight days per month and participate in the ECC Alternate Mode of Transportation Program. Now participants can earn $25 as a one-time bonus AND $25 per month for leaving the car at home and biking, carpooling, walking, or taking the bus/rail/Metrolink to work. You could also be eligible to win a $25 gift certificate to an area retailer. Start by registering and then to be eligible for the prize drawings, use an alternate mode of transportation for three consecutive months or longer.


Do your part for the environment! As many of us know, Southern California leads the nation in air pollution and traffic congestion. Currently eight in 10 commuters drive alone to work, and traffic congestion is growing by three percent each year. If changes aren’t made, average rush-hour speeds will drop by more than half in the next decade – from 35 mph to 15 mph! Contact Erick Mendoza today in Parking Services at extension 3983 to learn more about the Rideshare Program.