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Mission Statement

El Camino College makes a positive difference in people’s lives. We provide excellent comprehensive educational programs and services that promote student learning and success in collaboration with our diverse communities.

Vision Statement

El Camino College will be the college of choice for successful student learning that transforms lives, strengthens community, and inspires individuals to excel.

Statement of Values

Our highest value is placed on our students and their educational goals; interwoven in that value is our recognition that the faculty and staff of El Camino College are the College’s stability, its source of strength and its driving force. With this in mind, our five core values are:

People – We strive to balance the needs of our students, employees and community.
Respect – We work in a spirit of cooperation and collaboration.
Integrity – We act ethically and honestly toward our students, colleagues and community.
Diversity – We recognize and appreciate our similarities and differences.
Excellence – We aspire to deliver quality and excellence in all we do.

Institutional Effectiveness Outcomes

Institutional effectiveness involves College efforts toward continuous improvement in institutional quality, student success, and fulfillment of the Mission. The College’s integrated assessment, evaluation, and planning processes are put into practice with the ultimate outcome of greater institutional effectiveness—more students from our diverse communities will attain educational success and achieve their academic goals.

The following outcomes will be used to measure progress on student achievement and improvements in institutional effectiveness at El Camino College .

1. Student Readiness Rate
2. Successful Course Completion Rate
3. Remedial English Completion Rate
4. Remedial Math Completion Rate
5. Three-Term Persistence Rate
6. 30-Units Achievement Rate
7. Completion Rate
8. Transfer Rate
9. Degrees and Certificates awarded
10. Number of Transfers

Improvement goals to be achieved by the end of the Strategic Plan (Academic Year 2019-2020) are developed through College-wide consultation, with annual progress compared with a baseline year. Institutional effectiveness outcomes will be monitored annually for progress on each goal. In addition, an overriding priority is to reduce existing differences in achievement by demographic characteristics across all measures.

Strategic Initiatives

In order to fulfill the mission and make progress toward the vision, El Camino College will focus on the following strategic initiatives. Strategic Initiatives represent the areas of focused improvement. Objectives are College-wide plans to make progress on each initiative. Measures assess that progress during the period of the Strategic Plan (2015-16 to 2019-2020).

Support student learning using a variety of effective instructional methods, educational technologies, and college resources.

1. Develop a comprehensive professional development plan that ties in with campus plans and initiatives to promote student success.
2. Incorporate instructional approaches that are positively associated with student success and persistence.
3. Provide specific and relevant technology training to support integration of technology with instruction.
4. Provide equipment needed to support faculty use of technology.
5. Institute outcomes-based conference attendance with a required sharing component for broader College benefit, where applicable.

Strengthen quality educational and support services to promote and empower student learning, success, and self-advocacy.

1. Implement programs and services as detailed in the Student Success & Support Program Plan (SSSP), focused on pre-enrollment (access in), post-enrollment (access through), and graduation or transfer (access out).
2. Implement the plans indicated by the Student Equity Plan (SEP), focused on improving successful outcomes for all students.
3. Implement the College Master Plan, focused on carrying out the Strategic Plan through educational and resource planning.

Advance an effective process of collaboration and collegial consultation conducted with integrity and respect to inform and strengthen decision-making.

1. Develop, promote, and implement an employee recognition plan.
2. Conduct annual review of the Making Decisions at El Camino College document which includes member orientation, purpose review, planning, goal-setting, and self-evaluation for all consultation committees.
3. Strengthen collaboration among programs, across disciplines and college areas.
4. Improve publication of the broad input on college processes.
5. Add this initiative to the purpose statement of each collegial consultation committee.

Develop and enhance partnerships with schools, colleges, universities, businesses, and community-based organizations to respond to the educational, workforce training, and economic development needs of the community.

1. Develop strategic partnerships that include program advisory committees that address the current and future workforce development needs of the local communities and the region.
2. Develop corporate partnerships that enhance STEM training to prepare our students for STEM programs and careers.
3. Develop inter-segmental programs linking feeder high school districts with El Camino College and regional universities to create strong and clear pathways for students.

Strengthen processes, programs, and services through the effective and efficient use of assessment, program review, planning and resource allocation.

1. Develop an integrated program review and planning tool.
2. Establish benchmarks and aspirational goals for student achievement.
3. On a regular basis, gather current information on our community to ensure that we are responsive to community needs.
4. Strengthen collaboration between programs serving students.
5. Facilitate a strong fiscal position to allow reasoned responses to fiscal threats.
6. Add this initiative to the purpose statement of each committee involved with institutional effectiveness processes.

Modernize infrastructure and technological resources to facilitate a positive learning and working environment.

1. Implement the Technology Plan to meet the developing information technology needs of the campus.
2. Continue implementation of the Facilities Master Plan to modernize campus facilities and infrastructure, revising as needed.
3. Implement safety cameras and other technological aspects of campus safety plan.