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Dial 310-660-3593 then enter the extension number of the instructor you are trying to reach

Full-Time Faculty

Name Extension Office Location Email Website
Gibson, Blair 3580 ARTB 330D
Mannen, Angela 3577 ARTB 330B N/A
Otero, Rodolfo 3578 ARTB 332D N/A
Waters, Marianne 3587 ARTB 332B

Part-Time Faculty

Name Voice-Mail Extension Office Location Email Website
Espinoza, Javier 4240 ARTB 320 N/A
DeSetto, Vincent - ARTB 320

Nida, Worku 4843 ARTB 320 N/A
Olson, Kirsten 4378 ONLINE ONLY N/A
Parikh, Janaki 4393 ARTB 320 N/A
Sepulveda, Christine 4127 ARTB 320 N/A
Vigil, Alberto 4119 ARTB 320 N/A
 Last Published 6/27/16