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Childhood Education Program Level SLOs

1. An intergrated Understanding of Children's Needs

Students integrate an understanding of the needs, characterisitics, and multiple influences on the development of children, ranging from birth to adolescence, as they relate to high-quality child care and early childhood education.

2. Designing Environments for Children

Students design, implement and evaluate developmentally appropriate environments and activities that support play and positive learning outcomes for all children.

3. Effective Guidance and Interaction Strategies

Students apply effective guidance and interaction strategies that support all children's social and emotional development.

4. Developing Partnerships

Students develop strategies that promote partnerships between programs, teachers, families and their communities.

5. Ethics and Professionalism

Students demonstrate and/or evaluate ethical standards and professional behaviors that deepen an understanding, knowledge, and commitment to the early childhood education field.

6. Student Achievement

Students are earning Child Development Permits, Certificates of Achievement, and Associate in Arts Degrees, and are transferring to a four-year university to attain a Bachelor of Arts degree in Child Development or a related field.

Last Published 12/21/16