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Canvas Login Instructions

Once you have officially registered for an online course class, you will be able to log into Canvas follow the steps below. Please note, you will not be able to log in to the course site until one week or the day the semester starts.

STEP 1: Go to

STEP 2: Your User ID is: the same as your User ID used to login to MyECC .

DO NOT Put ""

The Admissions office gives each student enrolled in El Camino College a Student Identification (ID) username.  If you have never logged into you MyECC page you can recover your username via this link:

EXAMPLE: A Albert Einstein is enrolled in an online Canvas class, and has the following
User ID: albert_einstein [all lower case]

*Some ECC student ID numbers have been adjusted to accommodate multiple persons with the same name.  If step 2 does not work, please visit this site to verify your ID:

STEP 3: Password is the same as the one used to log into MyECC.
Forgot  your password? Contact the Help Desk, 310-660-6571

IMPORTANT: Starting on the first day of the semester (and after waiting 24 hours after you registered for the class), log in to your class by going to the Canvas portal.  ( ).  

Last Published 9/6/17