The anthropology department provides a foundation in the fields of socio-cultural anthropology, biological anthropology, and archeology as they relate to the physical and behavioral aspects of the world's populations of the past and the present. Students in this program will be able to discern the basic issues facing anthropologists, apply the methodologies that anthropologists use to approach the problems in the field, and critically evaluate the record of past accomplishments. This major prepares students for career opportunities in museums, educational, archaeological and medical institutions, international development consulting organizations, social welfare, and state and national management entities. Competencies will be assessed regularly through examinations and projects.


Contact Information:
Dr. Christina Gold, Dean
Office: Social Science Building, Room 101
Phone: 310-660-3735 
Email: cgold@elcamino.edu 



Four Field Approach: Students will demonstrate an understanding of the four-field approach in anthropology by outlining each field, identifying which aspects of the study of human beings each field addresses and provide examples of specializations within each field.

Holistic Approach: Students will demonstrate an understanding of the holistic approach by identifying how it applies to anthropological research.   

Stages of Research: Students will demonstrate an understanding of the stages of research in the discipline of anthropology by properly identifying each step and its critical significance.