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Industry and Technology Student Support Center

ITEC Building

Welcome to the Industry and Technology Student Support Center!

The Center is designed to support students like you.

Industry and Technology Meta Major offers students short term certificates, degrees, and advanced training in high wage and high growth careers. The center offers:

  • Academic Counseling
  • Career Counseling referrals (separate out curated services)
  • Industry Specific Networking Events
  • Job Placement referrals (i.e. Warrior Jobs, Virtual Career Fairs, etc).
  • Apprenticeships
  • Internships (paid, unpaid, cooperative career ed, etc).

We support students in the Industry and Technology Meta Major Programs:

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (ARC)

Automotive Technology (ATEC)

Electronics and Computer Hardware Technology (ECHT)

Machine Tool Technology (MTT)

Architecture (ARCH)

Computer Aided Design/Drafting (CADD)

Engineering Technology (ETEC)

Manufacturing Tech (MTEC)

Automotive Collision Repair/Painting (ACRP)

Construction Technology (CTEC)

Environmental Technology (ET)

Welding (WELD)

Meet the Counselors:

Video chat with Industry & Technology on Cranium Cafe

Try the Industry and Technology Program Mappers: 

Industry and Technology Program Mapper 

O*Net Interest Profiler:

Try O*Net Profiler to clarify the path within the Industry and Technolgy Meta Major

O*NET Interest Profiler

Upcoming Events:

Our ITEC Meta Major Success Team will be bringing you some exciting events in the spring 2021 semester so stay tuned!