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Guided Pathways Milestones

ECC has been diligently working to institutionalize Guided Pathways since 2018. Below are accomplishments from Phase 1. Phase 2 will start Spring of 2023. 

Phase 1 Accomplishments:


  • Creation of Metamajors
  • Academic Achievement and Presidential Scholar awards selected by Metamajor
  • Updated CCC Apply with Metamajors
  • ILO's reflect the 4 Pillars of Guided Pathways
  • Counseling and Student Success Division restructured by Metamajors
  • Program Pathway Mapper
  • ECC Connect implementation
  • Metamajor Success Teams
  • Winter Summit
  • CCCApply implementation of MyPath
  • 25Live Implementation
  • Personal Success Plans

One time

  • Faculty Innovation grant
  • Metamajor scholarships
  • Equity-Minded Teaching Institute Pilot
  • Innovative, Measurable, Purposeful, Antiracist, Caring, Transformative (IMPACT) grid Pilot
  • Academic Technology grant
  • Majors week
  • "Getting to Know El Camino" video series
  • Career roundtables
  • From Voice to Action: Putting Students at the Center of College Redesign
  • “How Am I An Agent of Student Success?” Video
  • United for Students
  • Student Engagement Innovation grants
  • Withdrawal Survey Redesign