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Communication Workgroup

Communication Workgroup

Purpose: The goal of the communication workgroup is to improve communication with students to facilitate their “staying on the path.”  The activities of this workgroup are:

  • To identify milestones that a student reaches or events that occur on a student’s educational journey that will trigger a communication from El Camino;
  • To identify the communication platforms appropriate for each communication (e.g. ECC Connect or CRM Recruit);
  • To identify the data source to ascertain when an event or milestone has occurred;
  • To draft the messages that students receive at each milestone or event.

Meeting Times:  Meetings are every other Thursday from 1pm-2pm, starting May 14, 2020. 

Working Document: The group has put together this working document of milestones and events.


Faith Adams, Student Member, faith_adams@elcamino.edu

Ryan Anthony, Administration of Justice Faculty, ranthony@elcamino.edu

Taryn Bailey, Guided Pathways Program Administrator, tbailey@elcamino.edu

Daniel Berney, Dance Faculty, dberney@elcamino.edu

Robin Dreizler, Dean of Enrollment Services, rdreizle@elcamino.edu

Kelsey Iino, Counseling Faculty, kiino@elcamino.edu

Coleen Maldonado, Career Pathways Coordinator, cmaldonado@elcamino.edu

Ann O’Brien, Executive Director of Marketing and Communications, aobrien@elcamino.edu

Christopher Page, English Faculty, cpage@elcamino.edu

Veronica Palafox, Student Services Specialist, vpalafox@elcamino.edu

Gema Perez, Learning Management Systems Specialist, gperez@elcamino.edu

Janice Pon-Ishikawa, Counseling Faculty, jponishikawa@elcamino.edu

David Reed, Political Science Faculty, dreed@elcamino.edu

Joshua Rosales, Research Analyst, jrosales@elcamino.edu

Jean Shankweiler, Vice President of Academic Affairs, jshankweiler@elcamino.edu

Jenny Simon, ESL Faculty, jsimon@elcamino.edu

Evelyn Somoza, Marketing and Operations Supervisor, esomoza@elcamino.edu