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GP Steering

Member Representing Department/Division Extension  Email
 Garcia, Maria  Counseling Services x3467
 Mosqueda, Cynthia  Counseling Services x3075
 Pon-Ishikawa, Janice  Counseling Services x3433
 Rosales, Joshua  Student and Community Advancement x7402
 Shankweiler, Jean  Academic Affairs x3119
 Simon, Jenny  Humanities x5187
 Wells, Rex (Chris)        Fine Arts x3723


GP Leads

Member Representing Department/Division Extension  Email
 Ambrosio, Edwin  Mathematical Science  x3212
 Andrade, Argelia  Humanities  x5335
 Berney, Daniel  Fine Arts  x3657
 Engle, Eugene  Health Science and Athletics  x3671
 Fairchild, Patricia  Industry and Technology  x5996
 Frith, Stephanie  Humanities  x3327
 Garcia, Maria  Counseling Services  x3467
 Martinez, Arturo  Mathematical Science  x3218
 Matykiewwicz, Edward  Industry and Technology  x3309
 Miranda, Margaret  Counseling Services  x3447
 Page, Christopher  Humanities x5196
 Parks, Polly  Natural Sciences  -----
 Suarez, Jason  Behavioral and Social Sciences  x3769
 Siddiqui, Junaid (Jay)  Business  x3205
 Teter, Francis  Fine Arts  x3732
 Tuan, Angela  Counseling Services  x3698
 Wells, Rex (Chris)  Fine Arts  x3723


GP Committee

Member                    Representing Department/Division     Extension    Email
 Becka, Roberta  Community Advancement  x8234
 Brochet, Anna  EOPS/CARe x5469
 Castro, Griselda  Counseling Services x3403
 Dreizler, Robin  Admissions & Records x5487
 Engle, Euguen   Health Sciences & Athletics x3671
 Garcia, Maria  Counseling Services x3467
 Gold, Christina  Behavioral & Social Sciences  x3735
 Hernandez, Arturo   Mathematical Sciences x5887
 Kjeseth, Lars      Mathematical Sciences  x5226
 Kushigemachi, Scott  Humanities x3018
 Leible, Arthur  Information Technology Services  x3261
 Lemons, Marlow  Mathematical Sciences x3223
 Lopez, Cindy  Learning Resources x3880
 Maldonado, Coleen  Business x7905
 Martin, Crystle  Learning Resources x3526
 Marinez, Arturo  Mathematical Sciences x3218
 Mednick, Lisa  Staff Development x3871
 Miller, Tiffany  Community Advancement x3589
 Min, Sean  Current Student
 Miyashiro, Ross  Student Services x3471
 Mosqueda, Cynthia  Enrollment Services x3075
 O'Brien, Ann  Marketing & Communications x3406
 Olivia, Nayeli  Enrollment Services x5716
 Parks, Polly  Natural Sciences
 Pon-Ishikawa, Janice  Counseling Services x3433
 Price, Berkeley  Fine Arts x3710
 Oswald, Sanda  Natural Sciences x4311
 Rapp, Virginia  Business x6461
 Rayford, Valencia  Counseling Services x6407
 Reyes, Idania  Student Support Services x3483
 Rosales, Joshua  Student & Community Advancement x7402
 Shankweiler, Jean  Academic Affairs x3119
 Siddiqui, Junaid (Jay)  Business x3205
 Simon, Jenny  Humanities x5187
 Sims, Jacquelyn  Mathematical Sciences x3201
 Suarez, Jason  Behavioral & Social Sciences x3769
 Suekawa, Lori  Counseling Services x3517
 Thompson, Darrell  Humanities x7772
 Threatt, Brenda  Student Support Services x6524
 Unger, Steven  Current Student
 Vasquez, Vladimir  Information Technology x6358
 Vo, Tri  Information Technology x3267
 Wang, Xiao  Student Services x6033
 Wells, Rex (Chris)  Fine Arts x3723
 Wolfgram, Juliann  Fine Arts x4431
 Young, Janet  Behavioral & Social Sciences x3613
 Yun, Paul  Mathematical Sciences  x5214


If you are interested in being a member of the GP Committee, please contact Jenny Simon or Maria Garcia.