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Meta-majors are groups of related majors with similar requirements, outcomes, or methodologies. Meta-majors were determined through group card-sorting activities scheduled throughout Spring 2019. In all 130 groups of 680 faculty, staff, administrators and students completed a card-sorting activity; 75% of the participants were students.

How do meta-majors help students?

Grouping majors into broad categories (meta-majors) helps guide student choice. Instead of being confronted with a list of over 200 degree and certificate programs to choose from, students can first choose one of the seven meta-majors based on their general interest. Then, as they start out their educational journey, they can have some time to explore the general interest area, be provided with “program maps,” which outline which courses to take semester by semester, and then make a more informed choice about their specific major.

What is the difference between a meta-major and an academic division?

El Camino College organizes its administration and facilities around academic divisions. Each academic division has a dean, and each academic division is housed within a particular building. Academic divisions, however, are mostly separate from student support services, including tutoring and counseling, which are housed in separate buildings and have different and separate administration.

The idea of meta-majors is more student-centered. Majors were placed into meta-majors based not only on input from faculty, staff, and administrators, but most importantly, on input from students. Therefore, while the meta-majors, by and large, look a lot like the academic division structure (with exceptions), the process for determining the groupings was notably unique and student-centered. In addition, at the center of each meta-major is a success team, which is tasked with improving the experience for students in that meta-major. Finally, support services are being organized around meta-majors, starting with general counseling, which has assigned each counselor to a specific meta-major.

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