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Meta-majors are groups of related majors with similar requirements, outcomes, or methodologies. Meta-majors were determined through group card-sorting activities scheduled throughout Spring 2019. In all 130 groups of 680 faculty, staff, administrators and students completed a card-sorting activity; 75% of the participants were students.

El Camino Meta Majors

El Camino College
Meta-Majors: Groups of related majors with similar requirements, outcomes, or methodologies
Note 1: This is the final version of the meta-major groupings after the "meta-major appeals" process has been completed. This version has been approved by the President.
Note 2: These groupings were determined using data from "meta-major card-sorting" events in Spring 2019. 130 groups made up of various combinations of faculty, staff administrators and students were involved. Students comprised 75% of the sample.
BEHAVIORAL AND SOCIAL SCIENCES META-MAJOR: Anthropology, Art History, Child Development, Communication Studies, Economics, Ethnic Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology
BUSINESS: Business, CIS, Paralegal Studies and Real Estate
CREATIVE ARTS: Cosmetology, Dance, Fashion, Film/Video, Music, Photography, Studio Art and Theater
HEALTH AND COMMUNITY WELLNESS: Administration of Justice, Fire and Emergency Tech, Nursing, Physical Education, Rad Tech, Recreation and Respiratory Care
INDUSTRY AND TECHNOLOGY: ACR, Architecture, ACRP, Auto Tech, CADD, Construction Tech, ECHT, Eng. Tech, Env. Tech, MTT, Manu Tech and Welding
LANGUAGES, COMPOSITION AND JOURNALISM: English, ESL, French, Japanese, Journalism, Sign Language/Interpreter Training, and Spanish
STEM: Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, General Science, Geography, Geology, Math, Physical Science, Physics and Pre-Engineering