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MyPATH and Guided Pathways

MyPATH and Guided Pathways

What are  MyPath  Courses?  

The  MyPath  concept is rooted in the pillars of Guided Pathways.  When students take a  MyPath  course, they receive support with all four pillars:  clarify the path ,  enter the path ,  stay on the path , and  ensure learning.  Here are the supports they receive when students enroll in a  MyPath  course:   

  • Students complete a career exploration assignment (clarify the path);  
  • Students meet with the embedded counselor to complete an educational plan (enter the path);  
  • Students participate in mentoring or tutoring sessions with a PASS mentor (stay on the path); 
  • The professor chooses a theme for the course that students can relate to and engage with (ensure learning).   

Please see this  webpage  for more information about  MyPath  courses in Behavioral and Social Sciences.   

The Guided Pathways-SEA Partnership  

Guided Pathways and SEA are working together the bring  MyPath  courses to students in all the meta-majors using the model developed for the Behavioral and Social Sciences.  The page will be updated with developments in this project, so stay tuned!